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Extending SteelPickaxe

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I created a modlet and it won't show my color tinted steel pickaxe. what is the deal I wanted it to be RED.



<append xpath="/items" >
<item name="meleeToolPickaxeDiamond">
<property name="Extends" value="meleeToolPickaxeSteel"/>
<property name="DisplayType" value="melee"/>
<property name="HoldType" value="4"/>
<property name="Meshfile" value="Items/Tools/pickaxe_steelPrefab"/>
<property name="CustomIconTint" value="107,12,12"/>
<property name="RepairTools" value="resourceForgedSteel"/>
<property name="EconomicValue" value="912"/>
<property class="Action1">
	<property name="UsePowerAttackAnimation" value="true"/>
<property name="Group" value="Tools/Traps"/>
<effect_group name="Base Effects">
	<passive_effect name="MaxRange" operation="base_set" value="2.9"/>
	<passive_effect name="BlockRange" operation="base_set" value="3.5"/>
	<passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_set" value="22"/> <!-- meleeToolPickaxeSteel -->
	<passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="base_set" value="150"/>  <!-- Deafault is 70 -->
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="-.8" tags="wood"/>
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="-.8" tags="earth"/>
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="0" tags="stone"/>
	<passive_effect name="DamageModifier" operation="perc_add" value="0" tags="metal"/>
	<passive_effect name="AttacksPerMinute" operation="base_set" value="50"/>  <!-- Default 47 -->
	<passive_effect name="StaminaLoss" operation="base_set" value="15" tags="primary"/>  <!-- Default is 20 -->
	<passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="base_set" value="500,1500" tier="1,6"/>
	<passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="0,5" tier="1,6"/>
	<passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="perc_add" value=".15" tags="EntityDamage,BlockDamage"/>
	<passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="base_add" value="200" tags="EconomicValue"/>

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Hi ,

you need to specify the icon value for the new pickaxe as well so it knows what its applying too .


so use the CustomIcon value (meleeToolPickaxeSteel)


A code snippet


<item name="Shotgun Incendiary Shell">
<property name="Tags" value="ammo,shotgun"/>
<property name="CustomIcon" value="ammoShotgunShell" />
<property name="CustomIconTint" value="B02F30"/>
<property name="HoldType" value="45"/>
<property name="Meshfile" value="Items/Misc/sackPrefab"/>
<property name="DropMeshfile" value="Items/Misc/sack_droppedPrefab"/>
<property name="Material" value="Mlead"/>


Use the hex code I have above should show red, works for the incendiary ammo mod


Hope this helps


Ragsy !!

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