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Has anyone worked on a mod to fix A17's busted skill system?


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TL;DR at the end.


My wife and I are long-time players of 7D2D, having been around since back when the terrain was still made out of slightly misshapen cubes, and you could actually duplicate your guns by disassembling them and casting molds out of the parts.


We've been around a bit. We currently have over 1800 hours each on the game.


This all stopped when Alpha 17 dropped.


A17 completely broke the skill system. With there being almost zero reason to loot anymore (we can just make everything by grinding on zombies) and the skill system becoming a dumbed-down "grind to win" system (eg: Kill 100 zombies. Congratulations, you just learned how to make coffee, and bacon and eggs) we have lost all interest in the game. We uninstalled it back in November, and I only just installed it again yesterday to see if anything had improved (it hadn't).


Yes, the graphics have seen a decent overhaul, yes there's more added (vehicles maybe? I haven't played long enough to find out) and yes, the hitbox problems that were with the game since the beginning seem to have been hammered out. However, the ENTIRE immersion of the game is completely gone. I can simply no longer "get into" the game because it's little more than a whack-a-mole game any more. Kill zombies so you can kill more zombies.


The prior system made it feel like we as the characters were learning as we go. The world was difficult to start, and searching city after city for the minibike book, auger parts, etc. for a huge part of the "mid-game" while scouting out the "long-term base" (whatever happened to the prison POIs?) was where he had so much fun. At night, we would cower in whatever makeshift shelter we had cobbled together, and spend the evening practicing our skills at crafting, even if it meant making bows over and over, then disassembling them so we could make them again, until we had become good enough to make a great quality bow.


ALL of that is gone. Now it's kill zombies until you earn enough "skill money" to "buy" yourself whatever skills you want, regardless of how little that skill has anything to do with killing zombies. Want to learn how to make coffee, because you're too stupid to put already roasted beans into water? Spend skill money. Want to know how to make bacon and eggs because apparently prior to the apocalypse, the concept of combining meat and eggs was unheard of? Spend a skill point. Want to learn to smear some aloe on a bandage? Spend some skill points to get SMARTER. THEN spend more skill points to actually figure out the smearing part.




SO. Obviously, we preferred the game when it was MUCH more immersive, and much more realistic. So has anyone worked on a mod to bring pre-A17 skill systems back? Or something similar to make the skill system more immersive, and realistic?



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I think there are a few mods that have some A16 style skill progression. Most I think are the bigger mods like Darkness Falls though. Not sure I've seen one that just changes skills and stuff. Maybe someone else can chime in if there is one. :)


Wrong forum, btw. ;)

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I'm working on Undead Legacy mod, it will change skills completely, will add back action skills and anything recipe unlock wise will be unlocked through a research workstation + finding recipes (blueprints) and not by skill points.




Though skills won't be the only thing the mod will change. I have over 3400 hours in the game and a lot of other things will be changed as well to make gameplay more interesting for veteran players and maybe even perhaps new players. Food will have an overhaul as well, introducing basic nutrition system with calories, fat, carbs, proteins, vitamins, alcohol level, wellness.




Inventory system will be changed as well, you will have 300 slots with scroll bar, but every item and block will have weight assigned to it, that includes everything in equipment slots and tool belt as well.


And it will feature complex crafting recipes with up to 12 different ingredients per recipe, new things to loot, new resources (over 600 new items) and much more.


On top of that I guess I don't have to mention a fully overhauled user interface, screenshots speak for themselves :D


More info about the mod can be found on this forum thread:



As well as my wiki website about the mod:


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