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a blast from the past


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So, I was wrenching some stuff in the Diersville cult leader's house and I came across the row of landmines. I thought to myself, "I think it's time to see if it really is possible to wrench landmines. It sounded like a joke, but it can't metaphorically hurt to try. Explosions are weak in this game, it's not like the mine is going to be able to kill me from here." Unfortunately, I forgot that explosions were buffed in 17.4. I watched in horror as instead of the standard dismantle twist, the wrench swung down, colliding with the hubcap, instantly blowing me to smithereens. Fortunately, the A17.4-enhanched explosion was so powerful that it sent my body back into the past, causing the game to crash. When I reloaded the game, I came back, fully intact with all my gear, staring at my corpse from the future, which had an identical copy of all my gear.


Anyway, thanks Trolland, keep up the helpful tips. :smile-new:

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