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MOD Request - Animal Traps/cages for Rabbits/Chickens?

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Does such a mod exist?


Like the game "The Forrest" I would like to Life trap rabbits/chickens and raise/breed them.




a. Live Trap

b. Transfer/move to a cage

c. feed/water - or they die

d. breeding based on XX days/events - need 2 or more of each in order to breed

e. risk - wolves/bears in the area can attack them and kill/destroy the cage/traps

f. bonus - chickens create a nest and drop eggs :)

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Most if these can be accomplished with existing mods or with some slight modifications. I havent played farm life yet because Ive been working on maps etc, but ive been keeping it up since it was released in A17, hes does a lot with animal husbandry.


Ive seen multiple modders add in chicken coops and rabbit hutches, but Im not sure on live traps, most that ive used just leave eggs and meat, though the hutches and coops themselves could probably turned into live traps.


Your risk feature will take some serious tweaking so that they dont just constantly spawn and attack or not spawn at all.


Im a huge fan of farming in game and real life, so the more farm mods, the better :)

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