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Where are mod changes shown?


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Hi - in SDX6, any mods changed the vanilla files. This was helpful because - before loading up the game - I could visually check the coding had taken properly, and then run the game to check.


In SDX7, it does NOT change the vanilla code. So my question is regarding testing, and could be answered one of two ways:


1) Is there any way to BUILD the mods into the game and then view the code to check it through to test its structure, or do you have to load the game up to see if your mods have worked?

2) Is there any way to identify which line of coding causes errors? I'm new to this, and oftentimes, I have on character out of place, which causes the whole thing to crumble. How do people "quality check" their .xml mods to ensure they will take properly?


I'm currently doing a mod, running the game, testing, realising it doesnt work, coming out, going back to the xml mod, trying to find the issue, rebuilding sdx, and repeating... Is there a simpler way, or am i just way simpler? ;) haha

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