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opt out of beta question and rwd question


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Heja all,


first shall i to test 17.2 opt into 17.2 stable right? from lastest experimental.


2nd when i wanna create a new random world, i can insert a name or letter's does the world change based on that or?


you can opt out (if you want), that way you stay at stable build until you want the next experimental when it happens.


note... you will not see an update or down grade as both "a17.2b27 exp and a17.2b27 stable" are both the same and therefore nothing changes.

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Or, in multiple choice language:


1) If you intend to install the next experimental the moment it is released, just stay on "newest experimental" on steam.

2) If you intend to play the exact same version, but want to only upgrade when the next stable is out, select 17.2 as version in steam


3) Until the next experimental is released you can report bugs if you create a new world now. If you want to continue doing that, you also should stay on "newest experimental" on steam AND create a new world the moment a new version is released.

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