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SuperPick - Digger tool Mod


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Previously i had create an xml mod that adds a high powered pick called "Super Pick" here. It is only available through a trader for a relatively high price with a huge benefit of not degrading or breaking.


This pick makes it possible to dig and harvest very large amounts of land/wood very quickly and also works very well as a melee weapon.


I have recreated and attached this using the new mod approach.


Have fun! :smile-new:


Updated version for 17.4 - [ATTACH]28590[/ATTACH]

- Change this line to modify the harvest rate

Updated version for 18.2 - [ATTACH]31005[/ATTACH] (updated with modifier support)

- gated recipe behind Iron Tools/Miner69'er. Remove Progression.xml and Recipe.xml to remove the crafting option. Still in the rare/high lvl trader loot.





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What doesn't work on it? Are you getting an error message or just not finding the tool in the vendors inventory? He added it to the rare tools group so its not going to show up all the time at vendors. Also, if you are using it on an existing game, you will likely need to wait for the vendor to restock before it will have a chance to show up.

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Sorry, didn't get a notification for some reason. scwanobi is right, it doesn't show up all the time, and if you haven't adjusted the traders respawn interval and don't have better barter upped a bit, you may take a while to see it.


If you want to make sure its available, go into creative and make sure it's listed there.

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Super pick mod is not working in A17.3 version of 7DTD.. You can see it or took from creative menu but when click to use it (lef click mouse button),it does not do anything..

@ victorious can you make it to work with 17.3?

Thank you very much if can.. :smile-new:

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