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    Ravenhearst Mod

    I tried installing this for my first taste of it last night and it could have gone better. I copied my .../steamapps/common/7D2D folder to .../RH7D2D and cleaned out the mods folder, unzipped the client download and moved everything into RH7D2D merging and replacing whenever asked, then launched the non-EAC game exe in RH7D2D - the modded menu screen appeared, then up came a ton of red lines in the console about things being NULL. I assume the errors are because I tried running it on a 19.2 build that has been through the mill for mods so tonight I'll revert to 19.1 stable (might even do a full reinstall to clean out anything that has been added to the resources) and try again, have I got the method right ? Once it's loaded I just generate a new random map and I'm good to go ? Edit : Nope, that didn't work. Same pages of "the wotsit you are trying to substantiate is null. When I look at the output log it starts by initialising EAC then the INF Command line arguments: is pointed to the main install not the copy, then there are a few lines where different fallback handlers wail about not being able to load libraries from the main steam install, then it loads all the mods from the steam install instead of all the RH mods from it's own mods folder .... so I've missed a step somewhere I guess ? Cheers
  2. Large game spawns a lot less in this alpha than in A18, we're supposed to hunt a lot of chickens and rabbits Personally I've found A19 - since day one - has been there first version I've had where animal tracking did work properly. And a very nice touch now that it labels animals red or green according to whether they'll try to kill you
  3. In the Advanced Options tab when you load into a game the second to last option is 'Cheat Mode On/Off>. The tooltip says "sets if creative mode and tools are allowed". That could be what you're after ?
  4. I tried it. It took a while but Arlene eventually made her way to the top of my little sloped tower and started hitting me. I didn't think she was going to find her way up for quite a long time and I'd have had plenty of time to shoot her, or craft a gun then shoot her, or go and mine some metal then smelt and forge it then craft a gun and shoot her, but she got there in the end. And then she got it in the end 🙂
  5. Check SylenThunder's comprehensive reply in this thread of mine about running both 18.4 and 19 :
  6. Ok they can run across them, but can they run UP them ? We've never bothered with drop traps but we always have wedge / wedgetip walls around our crafting bases to stop interruptions when we want to be busy building stuff. I can find out for myself when I get home, but that won't be for a few hours ...
  7. We manage to find uses for all that we find, if it doesn't get turned into something drinkable it gets mixed with bones to make glue which get us duct tape.
  8. That's exactly the video that we watched before we built ours, although we only built the platform and the cage with the electronics on each end. We didn't bother with the rest of it, it was only a proof of concept and we figured (correctly) that standing at the end of the platform furthest from the steps would be enough to legitimately get the zombies pathing where we wanted them. Turned out that just a half built tunnel of terror ("tun'o'ter" ? 🤣) with iron rail walls not steel blocks (so we could see what was going on properly) was more than enough to do the job. Try it, you'll love it. We probably could have used reinforced concrete not steel, but steel is just more comforting That's why I went with motion sensors, the activation zone is the whole corridor and quite a bit outside it which is a good early warning - if the dart traps suddenly fire up you know something's coming. It's totally a using a sledgehammer to crack a nut approach to firing darts along a corridor, but a nut that's been hit with a sledgehammer is well and truly cracked ...
  9. Personally I think the Screamers are kind of hot ... But to keep it on topic (is that allowed?) will "latest experimental" just appear in the list of betas we can opt in to or do we have to enter a code to unlock it ? I know one of my games I had to do that but I can't remember which one, the code was freely available but having to enter it stopped people selecting the unstable build by mistake.
  10. Tomorrow where ? It's already close on a quarter of the way through tomorrow here
  11. A friend and I were looking for something different to finish up our time in A18, so we made a very simple horde base to see how we could survive demolishers without wedge tips and extra cheese, and, well .... We build a solid steel block 2 blocks wide, 7 blocks high, and 12 blocks long. The ends were mirrored - the end row was a generator, the next to end row was a pair of electric fenceposts, the 3rd row in was 4 dart traps facing into the middle of the base. We had a 1 block high wall of steel plate around the ends to give the generators some protection. For the 6 middle blocks we built a cage of iron bars 3 blocks high (including in front of the dart traps) with stairs going up on either side at one end so zombies were free to climb up into the cage. We had blocks alternating high and low across the cage so the zombies had to jump through it instead of just walking. Then we hooked up the electric fences (starting from the generator at the end where the stairs were), wired the dart traps up to motion sensors that for once we remembered to set to look at zombies and ignore us, climbed up onto the dart traps at the far end of the cage from the steps, and whacked the time back to 9.58pm on the last horde night. We were both around gamestage 150 and the game was set to 16 zombies each per horde, so it was a heck of a horde. More than half of the zombies were rads and demolishers turned up in small groups every couple of minutes, and every last one of them streamed up the stairs into the cage and started trying to jump their way down the cage to smash through the bars at the end to us - and almost immediately died. The electric fences stunned them while they were trying to jump towards us and the dart traps rained steel death on them. Nobody had a chance to explode, even demolishers that got their nipples pinched by other zombies were dead before they had beeped more than a couple of times. We just stood on the dart traps with shotguns nuking the pelicans and taking potshots at zombies coming in on the ground for the lols, and repairing the dart traps and fenceposts at our end. With electric fences all of the damage is taken by the 2nd post and none by the first post, by wiring them up from the other end we got the second posts on each fence at our end where we could keep them tuned up. And it worked amazingly well. At the end of the horde the steps had taken a few hits but that was expected as we hadn't messed around making it easy for them to get up, a couple of railings from the side of the cage by the stair openings were gone, and that was it - nothing in the half of the cage closest to us took any damage, and the bars covering the dart traps at each end were untouched. We're a lot less worried about horde nights in A19 without drop traps and wedge tip slopes now, even the demolishers have stopped being scary.
  12. Clean reinstall it is then, and thanks for the tip about %appdata%, I wouldn't have given that a thought. Cheers !
  13. I run with a bunch of mods and as well as my mods folder probably half of what's in my prefabs folder is mods, and there are files scattered around in other folders that have been replaced but I forget which ones. When I see A19 is ready to come would I be better to delete the mods and prefab folders then let it update (then verify?), or just uninstall then install a clean vanilla A19 ?
  14. When I'm "building a hollow wood paddleboard or surfboard" and need some wedges / wedge tips I make them out of flagstone not wood. For some reason you can get a lot more shapes from flagstone blocks than wood blocks, and while you need a table saw to make wooden wedges you can make flagstone ones just by changing the shape of the block when you place it.
  15. Oh heck thank you, I wouldn't have even thought about save folders ! And thanks to the others who said yes :)
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