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  1. @Pille yes,using that map
  2. I have a problem. When I go into ship,the down section of ship is under water..Is that normal or is that error? [/img]
  3. @ Guppycur can you upload that map and paste a link? Im looking for that kind of map long time... Thank you very much @Pille nice boat,keep up the good work.
  4. Super pick mod is not working in A17.3 version of 7DTD.. You can see it or took from creative menu but when click to use it (lef click mouse button),it does not do anything.. @ victorious can you make it to work with 17.3? Thank you very much if can..
  5. Look very nice and cool..What is the name of the seed? Tnx
  6. @Red Eagle LXIX Will you update modlet "RELXIX_UIMENU_MoreBlockDurabilityOptions" to properly work with 17.2? Minimal durability is 25 instead of 5.. Thank you
  7. tin33cro

    Farming Expansion 1.1

    Can we kill and eat animals? If I kill animal,do I get a meat from it?
  8. Sorry,I didnt know that..How to upgrade these blocks to haybales? Where to find Ingots material? I couldnt find it in cm menu..
  9. I ask the same thing and find a modlet with udestroyable block and ramp.. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection When you put that ramp or block, the vehicles cant destroy itd and also you cant destroy it anymore.Be carefull where and how you build..
  10. After some time with A17.1, install A16 back. Some main reason for that is because vehicles.They destroy blocks..In my base,garage is under and jeep destroys ramp that I build to go in garage..That is only reason.Maybe that will be fixed in 17.2 or the modlet will come for this. I love this game and thanks developers and everyone for effort to update and maintan game all this years.
  11. I make a garage under house and a ramp to park a vehicle but the problem si that vehicles damage that ramp..damage blocks. Can someone fix that or make some kind a mod ? Thanks
  12. @manux can you make a boat for 17.1? Or convert boat that you make for a16..? Thanks
  13. Today was going to play and in the upper right corner say that I have a Build 240.Tried to switch to "latest experimental" or 17.1 version,but still says Build 240..What to do to get 17.1? Thanks
  14. Thanks. I did what you said but prefab didnt show in Navezgane in desired coordinates... I dont know what is problem,maybe coordinates or something else..
  15. I have a problem. Want to spawn a prefab from Compo pack to Navezgane at desired coordinates. Put a command under prefab file (world/navezgane etc..) <decoration type="model" name="xcostum_Sphinx_2(by_Andyjoki)" position="1250, 62, -1100" rotation="0" /> but prefab dont show and in console get error that prefab cant be loaded.
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