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Misc Storage Container Space Increase?

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Hello everyone,


I've tried searching for Storage, and I can't quite find what I'm looking for.

I want to personalize my home. That means using non-box and non-chest storage containers, even if they have to be obtained from the creative menu. For example I want to put a dresser in my room for all the clothes I find. I want lockers for guns and ammo.


Is there a mod that increases the size of these to match larger containers? I'm using "SimpleUI-BiggerBackpack300-PlayerBuiltStorage132", which works great for chests and large storage boxes, but not the more decorative storage. At least it doesn't appear that way.


Does someone know of a mod or have the time to make one that increases these to something similar? (132 slots per storage or 64 or something bigger. I want to have lockers side by side like if someone was walking through an armory, not a box that has a sign that says "Guns").


Thank you, and I apologize if this isn't the appropriate space for this discussion.


-- Lana

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In my open door syndrome i have made new containers - cabinets lockers filing cabinets bedside tables etc.


To increase storage capacity of the containers you neednto look in the loot.xml of said modlet or mod or vanilla game files and look for loot container id="" size="8,9"


You can increase the size here by increasing the 8 and 9.


Of all containers you wish bigger. Altho you will need to also look in Windows.xml in xui folder and search for windowslooting and also increase the size there to accommodate the size/s you wish.

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I see. I'm looking at Open Door Syndrome now, do they reset when loot resets? If so I'll download it and give it a try. Especially if they have increased storage space.


they dont reset when loot resets that I know of. I havent figured a way to do that as yet lol or whether it does it automatically when loot resets idk. (Will look into it) but has the recipes to make your own containers that you mentioned


They are vanilla sizes still you have to manually edit the sizes you wish as many play with vanilla sizes due to screen size etc etc. so we release close to vanilla as we can (In most circumstances) then the individual may edit the mod/let to their own personal liking.


the above post gives you a how to increase a container size.

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Small edit to containers.


I made this xpath after studying some others, and I don't know what this will break, but it makes all loot containers the same size as SimpleUI's 132 slot storage. I checked the loot spawns and was still getting the normal amount so I don't think it's breaking loot. I guess that's all I needed to do?

Larger Loot Containers.zip

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