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quest buildings


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good day.


is there a list of the houses wich the quests are in or is it totaly random?

we have the problem on our multiplayer server with ppl claiming buildings wich are quest buildings.


this is giving us some serious trouble, if we have a list we might set some rules about it to avoid the problems.


ah and zombies are spawning on player blocks inside claims.


thx for the help,


grtz zantjez

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yeah we have a no claim rule inside city's and towns, still ppl are getting upset if a prefab house outside a town or city get claimed as they are scared that it might be a quest location.


i did run some quests myself but didn't come across a quest in a building outside of the town or city yet for myself.


and the poi range is getting a bit of a grey area for a lot of ppl, we consider a prefab house with 1 gun safe not really as a poi as most of them got a gun safe now, but ofcourse there different opinions about that.


we have a group of players that rather live in a prefab instead of a self made base so we try to find a way to let them have some fun to.


thx for the response i will take the idea of no claiming prefabs in the consideration as this is getting kinda hard to make a easy rule for everyone to understand.

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As far as I'm aware it's completely random. I think there may be a few POI's that don't have quest markers, but I'm not an expert on that.


Our servers also have rules against building in/on/taking over any POI building. Many of the servers I've played on do also.


The reset tool for the quest system will at least check if the POI has a LCB on it, and won't reset it for the quest if there is one. That will still break the quest for whoever gets a quest for the claimed POI though. Quest has to be trashed, and started again. (This is something Prisma discovered when we were playing with the chunkreset command for a17.1. Not sure if it's in a17.0.)

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yeah we did run some tests and figured out that the majority of the fetch and zombie clear quests are in towns and city's.

there is a chance of a few in country buildings but that is just a very small ammount wich is something easy to deal with.


so for now we keep the rules as no claiming in towns and city's and adjust it if we get to many quest complaints.

it would be nice if the devs are more clear about this.

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