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Quest idea


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i not speak good english but i try to explain my idea


becose in game we can find the "air drop", we can think the umanity is not 100% dead, (i don't know the 7dtd story)



i love a lot choice of missions, but i want one really hard challenging mission


traders or paper with mission i don't know


the mission is:

step 1:

repair the antenna dish and refuel the near power generator

step 2:

wait the antenna signal is syncronize, during the wait, coming a zombie horde

step 3:

when the signal is syncronized, coming one different air drop in your position (or different)

the air drop is marked like another air drop (set on or off)

step 4:

the support box have inside the traders item (if is trader's mission) and another items

step 5:

go to traders (if is trader's mission) and you finish mission


i know is very long, but it is only idea, i have another idea but this is my favorite for now


PS. admin please if you want correct my words <3

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