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Royal Deluxe: a zero glue low Mass column I-beam block (rough)


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I think this fits what you were after?

Can't hang a block on the sides.

Supports blocks above it, but if a lower one of these is destroyed, any "NoGlueiBeamCentered" above it collapses.




Couldn't get the stock iBeamCentered icon to show up, so used a pillar50 icon & tinted it dark red.

The 'ghost' preview shows the i-beam as it should.


Since you've already made a bunch of modlets I figured the file contents would be more useful, and save you a download.


Hope this helps :)




<append xpath="/blocks">
<block name="NoGlueiBeamCentered">
	<!-- <property name="Extends" value="rScrapIronMaster"/> -->
	<property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/>
	<property name="Group" value="Building"/>
	<property name="DisplayType" value="blockHardened" />
	<property name="CustomIcon" value="corrugatedMetalPillar50"/>
	<property name="CustomIconTint" value="760000"/>
	<property name="Shape" value="New"/>
	<property name="LightOpacity" value="0"/>
	<property name="Model" value="i_beam_centered"/>
	<!-- Material MmetalNoGlue means no side glue. Set Max Damage to whatever; used IronBars as ref so 10 Forged Iron = 2500hp -->
	<property name="Material" value="MmetalNoGlue"/>
	<property name="MaxDamage" value="2500"/>
	<property name="Collide" value="movement,melee,bullet,arrow,rocket"/>
	<property name="Texture" value="446"/>
	<drop event="Harvest" name="resourceScrapIron" count="17" tag="allHarvest"/>
	<drop event="Destroy" count="0"/>
		<property name="ImposterExchange" value="imposterDontBlockCTRQuarter" param1="144"/>
	<property name="FilterTags" value="fbuilding,firon"/>
	<property name="SortOrder1" value="40e0"/>
	<property name="SortOrder2" value="0710"/> <!-- SortShape -->





<append xpath="/recipes">
<recipe name="NoGlueiBeamCentered" count="1">
<ingredient name="resourceForgedIron" count="10"/>


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