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need some mods for A17 or 16


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Long read, sorry


i have been playing A16 and i like the game a lot.


i have poured hrs on single player but with different saves.


there is one thing i don't like about 7dtd, and they are ferals, i have to confess, i didn't mind them, but on a town raid i did, one spawn on my back and killed me, and at the same time it scared me, ha ha ha ha, ha. I play with headphones, so it did scared me a lot. to a point that it made my stomach hurt. (im not ashamed on accepting this)


i have played and finished many survival horrors in my life, i always play them with headphones and i like the immersion i get but for some reason 7d7d is taking a toll on me, maybe because if i die i loose everything (i have that setting).


what i would love to know is the following.


in A16 is there a way to remove ferals?

in a16 Is there a mod that adds more melee weapons? (it s my play style)

in A16 i downloaded a mod that adds steel bars but it says to add a valid id to them? (dont know how to do this)


I haven't tried A17 but would love to


is there a way to disable zombies digging?

is there a way to disable ferals?


thanks everyone for reading this.

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Just remove them from the entitygroups.xml. It’s really your only option for a16


The digging issue is apparently being addressed by the devs not sure how or when that will work.


but how do i do that?


- - - Updated - - -


Who the hell is still playing a16 lol. Evolve to a17 lol. A very minute number of people may still make mods for a16 but majority be for a17.


i got the game 2 days before A17, so ,yeah. here is one playing A16

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