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  1. just letting you know the 96 slot backpack mod with food and water has issues 19.1 with the 9 and 10 place tool belt where you can not use those 2 slots on tool belt. However the 96 slot backpack without food and water changes works fine
  2. Well I decided to try continue my game when it upgraded to b169 and check if was working fine enough to continue or issues where i would need to start over. . I was doing a fortitude build and had steel knuckles. I did have a couple mods installed bigger backpack and item sorting mod. I noticed when trying to punch anything like zombies, animals it would not hit. Power attacks with steel knuckles worked fine as normal. So I decided to exit the game. I uninstalled all mods and validated files. I started a new world and gave myself steel knuckles. When doing normal attacks with steel knuckles would almost never hit anything. I tried punching grass. I spawned a deer and turned off the ai and walked put blank range to the deer and over 90% of the punches that should have hit the deer misses. I would not harvest with steel knuckles unless i was power attacking. I also gave myself iron knuckles and knuckle wraps and both of those worked fine. after posted this it is known and looks like b170 will fix it.
  3. Well thing about copyright issues with YouTube that people should be aware of. From my understanding from a tech channel on YouTube that did get some copyright issues (not with 7 days to die music) is that people make false claims they own copyright to something and YouTube takes serious action without verifying the claim is legitimate.
  4. Well I currently Ryzen 3800x with 32GB of Ram, 1660 super which i bought around 6 months ago. it runs good with decent settings. Note sure what other hardware you have so such as cpu and ram will effect it. Knowing what your system specs would be useful for people to give you advice.
  5. One thing i would like to see is more options when starting the game. For example instead of the current difficulty settings have it split into 2 settings. One is hp of zombies. The other one is entity damage zombies does to you. Another one would 2 settings for demolishers. One would be whether you want them or not. 2nd one would be a sliding scaling on damage when it blows up. Another option would be on screamers. Some settings on screamers could be how often they can come, whether or not screamers can summon other screamers.
  6. Well there are 2 companies i bought custom pc from. One is cyberpower pc. The other one was ibuypower. Note i am suggestion the custom ones not the prebuilt ones. With the custom ones you pick what parts and brands. It has been years since i bought a cyberpower pc as i kept that pc for long time. Around a month ago i bought my current pc which is an ibuypower one. I am very happy with my ibuypower. The price on the custom ones are pretty close to the same price as building it yourself.
  7. To help deal the zombies attacking the pillars i would place some dart traps on the iron bar on the side of pillars pointing downward. The zombies would be headshotted by the darts.
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