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  1. rucky

    Gnamod UI

    Very nice! Love it!
  2. wow! incredible!! finally! have long waited for new textures! YES! BorderlandZ, we have new textures!!! Thank you Dust2Death!!
  3. yes, BorderlandZ has the Dark Textures unmodified included, so just head over to my GitLab https://gitlab.com/rucky70/borderlandz-for-7-days-to-die and get MumTexturesDark - Modlet, it's unmodified.
  4. rucky

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    true, but don't they have all their own xml entries?
  5. rucky

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    But you could add a parameter for that so people could set it so, or another option would be to tie it to the PVP flag in the options...
  6. rucky

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    +1 very interesting stuff!! Mod(idea)s like 7 Days to Fallout are getting into range...
  7. Really superb work! just a Question, are you planning to make the BetterBooks work with loading image files from hdd somewhen? because I would love to have that ingame "hand book" for descriptions, missions, story line etc. :-)
  8. Hey Robeloto! Really like your BOSS Zombies! But I had to nerf the probability of the Buffs they gave - otherwise I would have permanently been bleeding - especially from that Gunner, as every Shot has a 50% chance of inflicting bleeding and you will get hit most probably with 10+ shots immediately... Another Problem I have seen, is, that some of the special (sound) effects the Zombies have, do not get away when the Zombie in question is killed. Here is a good example lol: DAY 26 of my BorderlandZ-Mod @19:55 : [video=youtube_share;dzi21j9uLCE] and go to @36:00 to see and the
  9. I will release a Let's Play Season for BorderlandZ 0.2 shortly (recorded now 5 plays 1 hour each), and even if me is German speaking, I can tell you, your Zombie variants are so scary and terrifying!! I already died twice on the first day....
  10. thanx! edit: uhm.. need to revoke that thanx lol ;-) still the error persist... ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'biomes.xml' failed 2019-03-22T17:27:57 133.528 EXC Block with name 'spawnvehicleGuppyMotorCycle2' not found! Exception: Block with name 'spawnvehicleGuppyMotorCycle2' not found!
  11. yeah... need to blame me then... lol indeed an error here: 2019-03-22T10:46:28 103.827 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'biomes.xml' failed 2019-03-22T10:46:28 103.827 EXC Block with name 'vehicleGuppyFastback' not found! Exception: Block with name 'vehicleGuppyFastback' not found! thanx!
  12. thank you for updating the blocknerfed variant also! this is a good addition to more zembie enemies in my BorderlandZ Mod! keep 'em Comin'!
  13. Guppy, how about these two: https://free3d.com/3d-model/-workbench--78289.html if possible at 1x1x1 ? https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-obj-mode-energizer-battery-charger/524202 could be used for a mobile energy supply of some sort...
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