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  1. Hello jetta! yes it is like CrypticGirls says. First (I had to laugh a bit sorry), it's called "Fight for your Life", not "Run...", as you can't run not even move anymore. It's another mechanic from the Borderlands-Game I tried to adopt for this Mod. https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Crippled Now the Mechanic might not yet be fully fleshed out, as this Mod is still in early Development. In the next version there are two changes made: 1) You will still be able to move very slowly so you can try to move a bit (especially around corners) when there is no Zombie or Animal around you. 2) There will be a very expensive and very rare "Adrenaline Shot" medic which will bring you back into life, for the case when there is no other Zombie or animal around But for the majority of cases, you need to kill SOMETHING, either a Zombie or an Animal. Health packs do not help you in this case. Hope this helps. (for your example you gave, this can be a timing problem of these involved Buffs. The probem is when Buffs activate and trigger, there is mostly a 2 second interval where this happens every time. So when you kill something with only 1 second left on your "Fight for your life" timer it "can" be it does not trigger it in time. I will try to find a Solution to this.)
  2. wow. what a necro. 4 years... And Pacco... RiP. (A new topic in the Bug Section would be more appropriate.)
  3. could you please attach your log file? then I can see what is wrong. either this or I will not answer you anymore. hundrets no thousands of players already played this mod, all got it working. if you don't want it, your choice.
  4. again, please attach your logfile. settings sometime are not acurately showing whats set (known problem). with your logfile we can verify what you have set.
  5. for me not. either way, as I said, please attach logfile, or I can't help you.
  6. video clip is not working. still, you propably haven't set it to 100% in another Save. either way, please attach an outputlog.txt file found in your 7D\7DaysToDie_Data folder
  7. then you have loot amount != 100% (you probably have 50% set) set it to 100% please.
  8. Thank you Galushka!,... ... as Doombringer101 said, actually it is only possible to get it back through "cheating" it in again (via Cheat/Creative menu or admin give command) This will change in the upcoming new version though, there you can buy another Laptop at the trader (for some good amount of coins though)...
  9. Thank you! WOAAAAAAAAA! Keanu Rieves confirmed in BORDERLANDZ @The Place !!
  10. Hello Tonzza95, can you check if EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) is ON (which is the default Vanilla wise) by chance? You need to deactivate it otherwise it will not load.
  11. Thank you that you liked my Additions in my Mod BorderlandZ :-) This way, as that is also done on GunMods, BorderlandZ has some Bazillions of Weapon combinations ;-)
  12. Day 161 on a Server I'm playing on. I want some backup from my Turrets to get faster Kills. Then they came. About 1250 in numbers. Many many Bosses. But I had Bullets. Lots of Bullets. 24000 Bullets and more. But was it enough ?!
  13. rucky

    Gnamod UI

    Very nice! Love it!
  14. If you like the Mod BorderlandZ please consider a small Donation to help me fund this Project, thank you! "Official" 7 Days To Die Server Provider for your BorderlandZ Mod Mod is provided pre-installed for you! No hassle with own installs! (this link will give me a small cut of whatever you order, thank you!) Others way to get me a Coffee and help me fund this Project: (for a one-time donation) (for a monthly contribution - this includes Discord Bonis and Ways to get involved into the Mod story and characters!) Also don't forget to Join the BorderlandZ Discord Server, Great Community, Modders and Players welcome, https://discord.gg/ZZRVATG Have a nice Weekend!
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