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  1. Any loot progression overhauls out there? Used to be a few kicking around and the few i've found on reddit aren't updated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good luck with this bud. I agree with you - plains of old were leaps ahead of anything currently. To see them get excited about desert mesas last ngiht when the original plains had them everywhere and looks great is humoring.
  3. Any instance of the 'opening your inventory or looting something' freezes so bad that you get LiteNetLib disconnects in your games? This ongoing bug is so old I it should have its own founders badge.
  4. They kinda have reconsidered a lot of things already. Replacing art and systems constantly that took months and month and months of work in different instances is getting tiresome. Are there any systems still around that were here in a16? a17? I love this game. Im closing in on 4K hours. I'm a huge supporter but man - I am slowly getting tired of changes lol. in pimps we trust though. Looking forward to the future.
  5. Do you have error logs to see what makes it crash? What is the world size of your map? If it isn't divisible by 1024 it will not render correct distant terrain. Other than the sound issues you don't like I think maybe the worst of it can be fixed with help in the support forums. Best of luck.
  6. I had this same problem with my Nitrado server. I ended up dropping them because it's been nothing but a frustrating host to deal with. Swapped to Pingperfect and this same error went away.
  7. Strange. Were you using an pre-played map or did you generate a new one? Which server host or it is local?
  8. Is there any way to track the main loot box in a POI as being looted or not? If so could you use that to flag the POI location as looted with say a Green light buff for not looted or red light buff for looted? Just curious, thanks in advance.
  9. Looks great, Madmole! I used to build stuff like this then Demolishers happened and taking the time to make two bases to play the game became less fun.
  10. This is the server log itself when running only the healthbars mod. Seems to load ok, but doesnt work. I do go into commands to spawn a zombie but go out before doing damage to it. I am running the server on the same machine that i play the game on - could that be the problem? I haven't tried seeing if it works with other clients yet.
  11. I haven't tried it in single-player. It's just strange that all other server modlets work without a problem.
  12. I've tried to get this mod (health bars) to work and it doesn't seem to be putting bars over the heads of zombies on damage. I see the mod is loaded int he logs but still nothing. Currently running: Server Tools Khaine's 60-slot Bigger Backpack Mod with UI changes Always Open Trader JRB_ZombieLootDrop_10 Ragsy_Find_Bicycles War3zuk 20k Stacks Trying to just run healthbars alone doesn't work either. I've noticed the ItemIcons folder in the packaged mod is empty, is it supposed to be emptY?
  13. Is there a way to switch the proximity voice chat to be server wide instead? Trying to avoid outside discord / team speak suggestions here.
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