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  1. Nomadikhan

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    I really like this UI, however on A18.4 there is one issue, the foodbar never shows green. Also, if i change playerfood with playermodifiedcurrentfood, it shows the number but never updates. I've tried multiple Ui's but am beginning to think it's just the game itself as they all seem to have these issues for me. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Changing time, which now also recalculates bloodmoon, does not change trader reset days. Would probably be decent if it recalculated that as well.
  3. I don't care for having three toggleable options for food and water display, rather just have one with no button. No matter how I remove the buttons or extra code it will display but never ever update. It's driving me nuts. How can I get this to simply display my current food and water WITH overfill, no button, and actually update when i eat and drink? I have tried making all three options the exact same code and moving the button offscreen, displays what I want but doesn't update. I have tried deleting the button code and changing the names so it displays the detailed with overfill, works but doesn't display the numbers on the bar and it never updates. I have simply siwtched the names of the default and detailed, still loads the default as default. And again, doesn't update. Why is this so damn picky lol? I'm not quite sure how to get this to do something SIMPLE
  4. I've installed on my server, and works. The only issue I can see is the food and water overfil numbers, example 176/146 water never updates. Only updates when relogging the character. Eating and drinking will not update the bars either, only a relog of the character.
  5. I've installed into my Mods folder, log shows it's been loaded, yet joining a server the UI looks vanilla. Do these not work unless installed on server or should it work if installed client side too?
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