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  1. Is there still work being done on slowing down the loot progression? And decreasing the amount of ammo found? There’s hardly a need to craft it. Using a gun should be a last resort because of limited ammo in loot rather than a primary weapon because you don’t have to worry about ever running out of bullets. I’m hoping 7 days doesn’t slide over into the FPS category some day. All that being said this is the most original game ever created and after over 2000 hours I find it just as fun as hour one. Keep up the great work.
  2. Is it possible to have some zombies not care at all about getting to player height and are in destroy area mode by default? It just seems like when they have that path up to you (usually by design) the conga line starts and everything else is ignored making it super easy to game the AI and to get them to go exactly where you want. Predicable zombies are just not very realistic😬
  3. I’m positive anything I put here you guys have already thought of but here goes anyways… I think a little more randomness would do wonders during blood moons. It’s currently way too easy to game the AI because their behavior is so predictable. Having some zombies that don’t just follow the same defined path to the user in an endless loop would really increase the intensity. Instead of how they will single file jump up block stairs in a really slow animation that gives you plenty of time to shoot them, maybe some just destroy the blocks underneath you? Like less prioritization of getting to your height and more bringing you down to their height.
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