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  1. Is it possible somehow to put watch on top of radiation gloves mod? Now which mod I put last one then this is active, so I have radiation protection but not watch if rad mod was put last and if watch mod is last then I haven't protection.
  2. hello everyone, maybe someone encountered something similar and know solution? I wanted to make foundation, so I dig out first block of soil on area 15x15 and put the wood frames. One frame I couldn't put there, tried to take out frames around that spot but it not helped, still one frame I can't put on clear spot. After i took frames around that spot I tried to dig one block deeper, and I can fill the block under that spot. So i put all frames back but now I have 3 spots where frames can't be put. I stopped experimenting with that, so i won't get more dead spots.
  3. Hello, Thanks for interesting mod, I tried it few days ago and was so intrigued. First few levels was hard, but later is getting easier a bit. Reached 17th lvl and I my thoughts about mod was very good. But then accidently I picked card box in my inventory, that was surprise, so I started to experiment what else i can pick up. Very lot of items can be picked by holding E, so I brought home few working lamps. Next day I found some weird textures next to trash boxes ( small cubes, like 1/4 normal block), another bug was door opening was filled with some texture, which couldn't be in
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