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  1. Oh god, yes, more map icons would be amazing. I also love putting icons on every resource and building etc so I know it's been cleared or repaired etc. And on that note, more building icons would be nice too. For builders like myself, icons for broken and destroyed buildings would be fantastic. Lastly, having airdrop icons become permanent map markers until you choose to remove them would be great, even if it's an option you can toggle on and off with it being defaulted to off for those who don't want to turn it on.
  2. Is there any way at all to make air drops reappear on the map? The game crashes now and then and if I haven't placed a map marker yet for air drops, the temp marker is gona and there's no way to know where the airdrop landed.
  3. God yes. It's something that really bugged me in Fallout 4 as well. I get we're going for the apocalyptic look, but why would something you've just built look gross and uncared for? I also would love more options for painting and more stylised blocks, like the half and half block or the block with baseboards. I would love more shapes and styles to be added as well for said blocks.
  4. Would also be nice if we could turn lights on and off that already exist in the game or that we can place via the cm menu. I wanna light up the houses and such that I am restoring so they look nice, but the lights are always off by default and I cannot turn them on.
  5. I have a ten year old computer, so my specs suck That said, I can run 7DTD for hours or days without a crash and then it just crashes all of a sudden, or sometimes it crashes after a few hours. I've been removing all the debris from the burnt forest biome slowly while expanding roads etc. I'm rebuilding the world, fixing buildings etc, but when it crashes this morning, i was underneath the Shotgun Messiah Factory and have been removing debri and replacing it with dirt. Fortrunately, a 4 block wide tunnel was small enough to prevent the factory from collapsing on top of me That's from just now, that screeny. I've got one last area to fill in with dirt and pave over with asphalt and I am can move on.
  6. So, as mentioned before in other posts, i play this game for the building aspect. However, every now and then the game crashes to desktop and I have to relaunch. The problem is that, if I am in the middle of building and haven't finished building supports and the like, when I log back in it's all gonna collapse because physics will be turned back on. If we could have the options to turn physics off permanently in the game settings before loading the file, that'd be awesome.
  7. Well, that sucks. Guess I'll have to leave any messing with the terrain until it's eventually fixed, else I won't be able to see what I've already changed.
  8. Fair enough. Will rolling back to the stable version fix this?
  9. I've been playing Navezgane in creative mode with no zombies (deactivbated them cos I got tired of them breaking everything I build), I'm just playing for the building and exploration the game offers. I was hoping for lore because there are so many places where I stop and wonder what the story there is. Like the house with the underground tunnels that lead to a crawlspace above the nearby motel room (it's called Fates Motel, it's clearly a reference to the Bates Motel), or another house I found where there seemed to be some kind of hidden military op in progress in a room beneath said house, or the corn farm where it looks like some kind of experimentation was going on with said corn. There's a lot more, it's a fantastically crafted map, I love it.
  10. Much as the title suggests, I would love more building options. There seem to be a bunch of blocks in the game that are not placeable by the player opr upgradeable. Certain support beams in buildings, the concrete ramps on the ends of bridges, and so on. Also, being able to reshape terrain blocks after placing them would be nice. Would be nice if I could make hills look more organic rather than just super steep ramps (that damage my vehicle when going up them from a flat road).
  11. So, I'm playing this game purely for the building. I turned zombies off cos they keep breaking my things, which is just rude. But as much as I love the post-apocalyptic setting and the overall aesthetic of the game, I do wish there were things like usable computers with data logs and the like, journals with details about the lives of people who have come and gone before you, and newspapers detailing events leading up to and during the outbreak. Basically, I want more Fallout 4, cos this game gives me all the building freedom I wish Fallout 4 had (Rebuild the commonwealth. No, not there!).
  12. I'm currently playing on the unstable experimental version 19.4 (b7), and for a while now certain terrain blocks I place act like the topsoil block, their textures altering to the biome default rather than showing their actual textures. This seems to happen regardless of the biome I am in. After doing a bit of testing, the affected blocks are: Forest Ground Burnt Forest Ground Desert Ground Sand Sandstone Snow Concrete Terrain
  13. Newbie here, hi! Started playing cos I joined a community server, been also playing a solo game in creative mode. The only real request i have atm is for a higher character limit when creating waypoints. Also, hoping that more content gets added for building, crafting, painting, etc cos that's the part of the game I love. Oh, actually, one other request, though I may be the only person who cares, but finding tidbits of lore while exploring would be great. Journals/diaries left by people that tell of their struggle before during and after the apocalypose, newspapers that tell the story of events leading up to the apocalypse, that sort of thing.
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