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  1. You doing fantastic job, Krunch. Can hardly wait your custom map for Undead Legacy!
  2. Hey Subquake! Good to see you alive and kicking and it warms my heart to see all those updates you are releasing regularly. Excuse me if this question been asked recently, but are you planning to rebalance skills any time soon? I've been playing a lot couple of months ago and left some examples of unbalanced skills there as well as info about how their growth can be changed for the better. I guess it's not your priority comparing to adding new content, but if by chance you are planning such an update let us now please! Thank you!
  3. hey Subquake! happy to see you adding new content, but I'd like to ask if you planning any big balance patches before A20? I mean, are you satisfied with current balance in UL or its just not a priority rn? thanks!
  4. Hey Subquake, thank you for your hard work, you created amazing mod, I've spent ~300 hours on this playthrough and every one of them was fun. Its very well balanced, but couple of things still require some love, so I'd like to leave kind of short feedback too. I've been playing on Nav, difficulty - survivalist, no loot/block respawn, hordes every 7 + 4 random days. Started with 100% loot, changed it to 75% pretty soon tho and I'm sure last gives way better experience with lower chance to skip some tiers/qualities of weapon/tools/armor or ruin economy by finding way too many h
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