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  1. I know humans are closely related to chimpanzees evolutionarily speaking so I know we theoretically enjoy the verbal equivalent of throwing poop at others. Thank you for verbally throwing poop at me. Here's a banana.
  2. I only outlined 3 concerns: My beloved College Jacket, a single zombie flinch animation negatively effecting combat realism and immersion, and the overpowered nature of Oh Shiz Drops. With those being my three chief concerns, I spent some time fully describing my stances on each topic. Most concerning is the Oh Shiz Drops, which trivialize the difficulty of grander POI's, enabling you to just jump off a roof if there's two irradiated zeds too many. I value and appreciate Oh Shiz Drops and would hate to see them removed, but I also see why they would perhaps be best off removed. Just sharing th
  3. @madmole Honestly, I just want to be able to keep empty jars after boiling eggs. Not only that, but the College Jacket giving a +10% boost to running speed is my favorite jacket. Is that going to be removed? I play on Insane Nightmare, and a big part of the RNG responsible for whether I live or die is whether or not I find a sports jacket. Biker zombies on nightmare speed can, 30% of the time, be the end of your first week, you can barely even outrun them because they have nurse level speed and fat zombie power. Meleeing them isn't viable until you're really damn strong, because they typically
  4. If you want 5 traders max in whatever world you create, all different traders too, Jen, Hugh, Joel, Bob, Rekt, then just set the "City Trader" option to "One in Every City", while setting the "Traders" option to "None". Every time I load up a world like that and check, I have 5 different traders, distributed around the map. Adds a more Navezgane feeling to exploration, where you won't run into 2 trader Jens in the same world. My advice, Damocles, is try to add an option for the player to spawn within 1km of a random trader; Within 1km of his or her preferred trader, if you're feeling ambit
  5. But we will still be able to place a plate block in that 1 block opening and stop the zombies from getting through probably
  6. Yeah... I don't think hatch bases need to be removed, because the game isn't balanced for that decision yet. If you remove melee/hatch bases for horde night, then you're punishing any player who doesn't invest into strength for mining. Why? Because you need gun powder (and lead) for bullets, and gunpowder for explosives. The game has way too much pidgeonholing already with the attribute system, we don't need to force everybody into Strength by forcing them to need bullets and gunpowder for horde night. Let them keep meleeing with hatch frames. It's not an exploit as long as you're expending re
  7. Like you said it's a far cry from exploitation as the ramps used to be. Just yesterday the zombies broke through my melee killing corridor on day 14 BM, on Insane Nightmare perma, and I had to retreat to phase 2 of my base, where I climb atop twin towers with Iron Bar walkways and lob explosives down below as they pile up. Hatches do hold off zombies and you can do a lot of damage to the horde before it breaks through, but that was day 14... When demolishers and cops and irradiated zeds start showing up, it won't be so easy as eating a Skull Crusher and a Coffee and going to town with power at
  8. The base is a work in progress, just staying alive this long was extremely difficult to do... Spent a lot of time dying and learning lol, but it's coming along now. No save scumming obviously, what would be the point otherwise. Doesn't mean anything if you skimp out on the reality of it \m/ Gonna surround the towers with those iron bar walkways, fill the bottom with traps, create a way for me to get up there that the zombies can't use... But I'm still stumped on that one. Maybe I'll just nerdpole it really, but I've got 3 stacks of pipe bombs and a stack of molotovs for it. Skull Crusher is le
  9. If I clear the Shotgun Messiah Factory with a level 1 character and no skill investment whatsoever, on Insane Nightmare mode, will you guys put in a toggle option for old school skill progression and chaotic loot? Can I earn it? I'll livestream every attempt until I earn it lmmfao. I will do ANYTHING. I will clear the Shotgun Messiah Factory with a level 1 wooden club and my good intentions beginning to end no editing on the most difficult settings possible to literally earn this, and you gotta understand, that's probably like months of suffering to achieve it. Worth it, I would commit.
  10. But I doubt you'd have that surging milestone in concurrent players though if the core game wasn't made to be more grindy. Skyrim is a streamlined experience because you can jump on a forge to get restoration to 40 anytime you want, that's the definition of streamlined is it not? What you guys did was added more barriers to leveling and loot progression to drag it out for each player, and that led to more concurrent players because it takes more time now for players to get the same amount of satisfaction and fulfillment that they used to get. Before, 70 day runs were the average, and people ju
  11. I finished my first horde ever on Insane Nightmare last night, I made a melee killing corridor to use my sledgehammer in. At the end, for the day 14 bloodmoon, I'm constructing twin towers connected by an Iron bar bridge, with iron bar walkways around the top of each tower; That's where I'll go if they breach my killing corridor, entering phase two, where I rain death down on them from above with pipe bombs aplenty. This game is still really fun at times, may not be as fun as it used to be in terms of dopamine hits and the anticipation of "Is there a mining helmet in this car or a piece of clo
  12. I'm on day 7 right now, still haven't died, Insane Nightmare. I'm using the Sledge instead of the wooden club and I'm having a LOT of fun with it
  13. Anyway Roland I have a lot of respect for how you probably get a lot of people like me who stir the pot and cause trouble, yet you always try to create relatability and understanding rather than firing back. I've seen it too many times where you temper yourself and be the bigger man, and try to reason with people who are frustrated, and I've seen it happen several times where I was the frustrated person. I just want to, of my own volition, for no real reason, express the fact that I respect and appreciate the person you are. It's a fine example of how to conduct oneself.
  14. You try to make it through Insane Nightmare mode with a pure perception build with minimal investment in strength and agility and let me know how that works out for you lol. The club and sledge are the only weapons which reliably knock enemies down, it's necessary to use them and invest in them. Combat is a science on Insane Nightmare: Always get a sneak archery shot whenever possible, because that makes you knock down the enemy easier with the club or sledge once they reach you. Use wood frames and the spear for buried treasure quests, so you can hit them, and they can't hit you. Use the knif
  15. Dope as hell man, dope as hell!
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