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  1. Yeah. even though ive read all the books I can't craft things like bulk .45 ammo
  2. I'm way past stone age... I'm at level 71
  3. So I have everything maxed out and some of the ammo like 5.56AP and weapons are still locked despite completing the skill book tree. Any idea how to fix it. I'm also having trouble finding any 5.56 ammo in crates.
  4. Anyone else having issues with the AK-101?? For some reason its throwing up an error and the asset is missing
  5. Love every bit. I just wish the 45 and the 5.56 rounds could be bundled in stacks with the stallionsden ammo bundle maker or similar mod.
  6. Such negative vibes I'm feeling from you. If I knew how I would. Unfortunately the game updated to 19.1 for everybody. I was hoping TFP would keep the 10 slot it in the experimental but it wasn't meant to be.
  7. @Oof Did you ever make that update??
  8. Great mod! however with the experimental 19.1 they introduced a ten slot tool belt so you might want to do an update for 19.1
  9. Anyone else having issues putting a scope on a SVD?
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