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  1. Yeah. even though ive read all the books I can't craft things like bulk .45 ammo
  2. Well that pretty much defeats the purpose then lol
  3. Is there a way to stack dyes? Its a pain that they clutter up my inventory due to me needing them with the writing desk mod.
  4. I'm way past stone age... I'm at level 71
  5. So I have everything maxed out and some of the ammo like 5.56AP and weapons are still locked despite completing the skill book tree. Any idea how to fix it. I'm also having trouble finding any 5.56 ammo in crates.
  6. Anyone else having issues with the AK-101?? For some reason its throwing up an error and the asset is missing
  7. Yeah, I have about 37 but none that would interfere with scrapping iron things like cans or nails. I got the ammo boxes to work by copying and pasting that section of the recipe you made into the existing recipe and that solved that issue. the progression xml is the one that is stumping me.
  8. I think I'm doing something wrong.... does the progression file go in the mod folder because when I add the files you made it throws up errors and I can't scrap any thing....
  9. Thanks! I was wondering why I couldn't craft any boxes. Looking at the mod I guess they forgot to add the progression xml because its not even there lol. This may sound like a really stupid question but is there a way to package existing ammo into a box?
  10. https://7daystodiemods.com/vanilla-firearms-extended-patch-a19/
  11. How do you do it? I have the vanilla firearms mod that has 45acp and 5.56 and would love to be able to craft ammo boxes
  12. Thank you! You are immensely helpful.
  13. What did you use as the chimney? I've been trying to find a way to place one
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