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  1. Could you help me with it a little bit? Im trying to turn this into a modlet so i can share it with my bro and anybody who might be interested in it but im getting an error: xmlexpecttion: '=' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ';', line 8 position 120. How can i fix this? I need to sleep more, i funked up the modinfo.xml
  2. Finally i can build legit defenses! No more pathing cheese, no more worry that adding one more layer to the front would make them path into a different part! You are a lifesaver!
  3. Is it really dumbs them down to true zombie levels? No more structural engineer undead?
  4. Technically while there are no musts there are some perks you better avoid because the gains are just null.
  5. Even if they dont want us to know, just make the zombies awake and moving around. Im not sure if theres anything in this game what looks worse then some random shambler doing a full 180 because you entered the room in full stealth gear. Also it doesnt need to be actual warning, these things can be used to set an atmosphere and also its quite possible to suprise a player without going for ceiling zombies and stuck in a furniture setups. Examples: Graveyard and other places where its ambient to find dead in the ground could have some random dead hidden by an instabreak dirt block so the player falls in the hole and has to wrestle with the undead there. Quite scary deal. If every dead could crawl we could have some fake ventillation point like looking places all around factories and bunkers where the dead crawls out and rushes at us in feral mode after we passed throught that point a bit. Makes people paranoid towards walls. One dead right behind where a door opens up so hes in coverage is always a good scare. The runner strike i mentioned has no signs expect the runner rushing at you and exploding alerting every dead in the building. Turn all the fake bodies ingame into zombie looking ones and randomly make one of them into zombies when hit.
  6. Supposedly everything what is upgraded from the basic wood block we place ic count as "unnatural" blocks. I tested with cobblestone blocks and it works wonderfully in making sure the dead only spawns in a limited place.
  7. I would much more prefer the idea electrical traps and warning signs. The problem is much more simple since we have 2 types of rooms avoidable sleepers and trigger ready sleepers, so all we need is the following: For the avoidable ones i propose the rigged doors and other actually avoidable traps. The idea is that they look like regular doors and bocks but when you open/hit them they make a loud noise. Examples: A potted plant on a flimsy chair next to the door. When you open the door the plant falls and shatters alerting the undead. To avoid it you need to find where the plant is and go around it raising your stealth high enough would decrease the chance of triggering this one to 100%. A beaten up door, same idea as previously expect that this door falls out of its place when opened. Tripwire set up to a hidden speaker. Just not touch it. Simple puzzle system where you need to walk around in a pattern to not trigger movement sensors or to place some weight on the right pressure plate to open the door. For the unavoidable ones i propose the idea of visual marking and no sleeper function. Examples: Already awakened zeds and masses of bodies infront of the door. Pretty simple deal. "AMBUSH" and other warning signs. The idea is to make the player know that there might be a trap in the room, there doesnt need to be always one to keep the players on edge. For example put the "Rabid dead!" on the boiler room in the shotgun messiah factory where the burning guys spawn, now there are no spawns in the actual room because they are on the other side of the room. Runner strike. Simply let loose one bloodmoon type feral screamer in the POI what tracks the player and tries to fight it, when the screamer gets attacked it explodes triggering nearby zeds to attack.
  8. The only thing what works to get them dead stop spawning on your land is to fill your land with player crafted blocks. No matter the situation, they cant spawn on a block what a player places so even filling the entire place with basic wood blocks stops the spawns.
  9. I hope thats not it, global reflections what you cant even see properly eat up resources fast as hell.
  10. Didnt they only changed the light system? I havent noticed much differences between the A18 and A19 in terms of graphical upgrade apart from the light and some model changes (book shelves). Looking around for A18 VS A19 pictures i havent found much differences. I also dont understand how the Terrain Quality setting what adds almost no visual change can eat up 30+ fps.
  11. Im not sure if i ever witnessed that effect ingame, my map was generated to be super smooth and its just like that.
  12. Kind of in A18 i was able to run the game on high settings at 100fps the latest update put me down to 30-40fps while everything is as low as possible. Sorry for the late reaction but what does this one exactly do?
  13. Its because its bad, that simple. Theres a reason why everybody on posts like this suggest using nitrogen map generator.
  14. Thats it, i too tested it thought my game is heavily modded so im not quite sure if i actually found homing mechanics or blind luck with randomly moving zeds. As you said the best solution would be to find out the lenght of the following distance and trap up the entrance.
  15. I read it thanks but i was not talking about those. Theres a POI mechanic what is only observable when you rise up spawns, namely the system essentially spawns an non-alerted zed what is programmed to go towards you essentially home on you. If i remember the thread right the guy who did the experiment opened a door to a POI, gone in, entered stealth and used the "killall" command to get rid of all zombies then waited while aboslutely doing nothing. He was out of sight and yet a zombie literally came into the room to find him. Now im not sure if this is a POI only type of spawning or its applied everywhere but i think it should be true for underground too.
  16. You cant really, experiments with upscaled spawnrates proved that in all sceniarios theres always a zombie set to home onto you. They might be standing above you without entering a true alerted state but they will be there slowly following your trail.
  17. How about a cleaner alternative solution? Add somekind of tracker to the player what marks where they were in the last 2 days, which POI's they were in and how long. Any POI what had a player in it for more than lets say... 5 seconds is marked as quest unavaible. When you connect to the trader two options could happen: "Ohh you already been there, get me the package hidden there (dig hidden) and you'll be rewarded." This one feels organic to the situation as you cleared the place but didnt tried to dig up the cellar for hidden stuff. Simply they dont give you a quest in the buildings you were in during that time period.
  18. I dont get how it is intented as proper and acceptable gameplay and at the same time its completely ignored by both the horde and these specific POI rooms. Like every perk choice works throught the entire game but Stealth only works in out in the wild along in some parts of a POI and thats it.
  19. Yeah but none of those (survival, horde, crafting) actually nail down the combat type of the game aka FPS/TPS, Magic, Bullet Hell, Rythm, Figthing, Hack and Slash, Etc... Thought i do agree that guns are not everything in this game but its also not a game where you are hoarding an absurd mass of different melee weapons with you to deal with all kinds of enemies like in Dying Light, Dark Souls or Skyrim. So do pipeguns and pistols, infact you can at any time make a "blunderbuss" at home. The ingame recipe is pretty damm close to the actual weapon recipe because all you need is a sturdy pipe, close one of the ends, drill a hole in the closed end, fill with the "load"(usually a piece of iron or stone with cannon style layering) and trigger by setting fire in the drilled hole. Im using clubs, its always a heavy sling what hits multiple targets killing them almost instantly. If they still stand i take a step back so i dont get into their attack range and continue whacking. They are varied in their animation but i feel like theres not much difference between a club, stun baton and a sledge throught their attacks. Its my nitpick but the attacks dont feel impactful. Yes, the difficulty is increased along with the zombie spawn numbers and with a mod to regularly see a horde. For generic vanilla gameplay it spices things up for modded experience for challange its necesseary.
  20. You can see it clearly in the game setting that it shouldnt be impossible at all. Take a look at the military base POI the one with the underground safe, doors are intact, lights are running, some weed grows around the place. This all indicates that this soo called apocalypse was fast enough to wipe the population and leave everything behind. If i would blow some sci-fi bomb up on earth what removes all human presence leaving 10% of the population here would mean that by the time the electricity would go out there would be still tons of equipment left behind on military bases and other zones. I still dont understand why are T6 items soo damm common. Like these are our best equipment and they are everywhere once your gamestage is up.
  21. There are multiple problems here what generates this issue, first the difficulty setting in this game turns the dead into bullet sponges, this makes it sure that it feels like as if you fight 6-9 zombies in a room but in reality its just 3 with upscaled hp. Regardless of what we want to pretend this game IS an fps zombie survival, hell even the videos put on steam for the game show that you gonna need those guns badly to progress. Melee in its current form in most cases is a fallback weapon when your reload would kill you or a low priority weapon you use to not waste bullets. Even thought i have a T6 steel club fully modded and specced into its still a weapon i use to deal with like 3 undead in a room at daytime for anything else its guns or death. Sure there are people who go differently but the melee play in this game is basically "whack 'em" theres no strategy involved you whack and step back, repeat till the dead stays dead. The first horde is easy, you dont really fear them at all no matter what gear you use, the second one is default lenght its more hard but also pushes into the "need guns to get rid of these guys" territory and from onward you will rely on them more and more. My opinion is that the main problem in the whole situation is not the slow progression but the fact that we try to pretend like the stone age is actually part of it. These items are cobbled together in no time and if you decide to perk into their specific perk what makes you craft higher tier tools it also affects all tools, you are not progressively becoming better with your stone crafting but you just skip ages with the perks. You could literally remove all stone tools from the loot tables and keep the current system as it is currently and it wouldnt change anything expect that you now need to actually craft these items so it seems like you are progressing. Immersion breaking and suspension of disbelief are too here for another problem to fight. You may say that you find it immersion breaking that you could cobble together some primite pistol but thats the same as the blunderbuss. Its a primitive shotgun weapon, anybody can make it on day 1. The soo called T0 pistols and rifles are not going to be any different as you already accepted the blunderbuss so unless you harbor some double standard you should have any problems with pipeguns.
  22. Its a bit stretch but i can see what you mean so i try a different approach: I dont mind if there is unique variants of equipment around us as long as they are not just some "extra stats and thats it". T6 in its current form is nothing but a statboost to your regular equipment aka same pistol but better in all aspects. For example look at Taza's stone axe, it could be the T6 stone axe as its an unique variant of the common tool. Slightly better stats with an "unique" look, for all the equipment the same can be done that T6 items are not just in general a clear upgrade but more like an unique variant like imagine a "Handyman Wrench" what has the same stats as the normal wrench with an unique hidden modifier that it generates +1 bonus materials randomly.
  23. Theorycrafting mostly, i play on a modded game so what i see is different from what everybody else sees by default. I really dont like the idea that there is a quality level superior to everything what you can craft out in the world i dont mind that certain items are loot only (thought i believe that these should be taken a look again on what is and what is not craftableable like spring VS m60). I wont gonna mind if TFP introduces legendary unique pistols what came with interesting extras but i wont be happy if it all boils down to "this is just T7 equipment".
  24. Not really, i think it shouldnt exist at all. Like in its current form an uncraftable higher level gear what invalidates crafting should not exist.
  25. You mentioned that it could be that most ores are generated below a set "surface" level so it made sense to me that i only dont have much coal and iron because we are on a hill.
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