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  1. Its pointless to argue with people whose reasoning is "Theres a mod for that". No offense to Boid but the devs might aswell stop bugfixes too and let some modder do that work with that logic.
  2. Nonono, you misunderstood me. I only critize the weight system because it can be chaothic from time to time. What i meant is a maximum block support system where each of your base support blocks could only handle a select amount of blocks going horizontally. Wood can hold 4 Stone can hold 5 Concrete can hold 6 Steel can hold 7 Everything over the limit causes a collapse, but not because weights but because on number of blocks. It makes SI calculation much easier althought it practically makes the mechanics "dumber".
  3. Okay back again to my suggestion wouldnt it be better if the system would ditch the weight system and instead go for a maximum amount of blocks per support? That would make sure you dont have to worry about unknown variables and such.
  4. It seems reasonable: You broke your T6 AK->Repaired it so its now T5->You need to bring it to the trader with 50 Machine gun parts so he upgrades it back to T6. I mentioned the trader because this way T6 still stays player uncraftable. Everything else stays as they are but you would need to upgrade them with approtiate amount of parts.
  5. I might be missing something but the creative menu for me doesnt show dev blocks. How do you enable them?
  6. Just a basic question but wouldnt it be easier at this point to present a patch what practically shows you how much weight a certain item holds? Like a color coding going from green, yellow, red and black to show if something is on the verge of collapse. This way players could actually test out which parts of the SI system are now faulty instead of randomly guessing why removing dirt from under a wall collapses the very top and only the top 1 line of roof of a building. Even removing the weight system could significantly improve the entire SI system because then you could program something like "A pillar of concrete can hold 4 blocks of any material horizontally without falling over".
  7. This could be fixed by an upgrade system where for a certain amount of parts you could upgrade your items.
  8. Im not really fond of removing repair altogether but i can see how it could balance a lot of things. I have 2 suggestions what would fit the game and would be balanced: First repair by hand is only possible with repair packs but repair packs are now rare and expensive items.(stone tools excluded) Seriously we dont need them raining down on us. Change the recipe to be fitting the desired economy like: 10 Forged Iron, 20 Oil, 10 Ductape, 50 Mechanical and Electrical Parts, Claw Hammer, Wrench Duke cost up to 8000 per piece This would make making them an expensive choice to make for early and midgame players and a moderately high one for endgame folks. After this setting the droprate to 1 with 2% chance would make sure that its rare to actually find one. The second one is that repair without kit is only possible at a workbench. Stone tools excluded but everything the game has now costs their specific parts to be repaired with either forged iron or forged steel. Every tier like in crafting increases the base costs of reparing. For example T4 M60: 40 Machine gun parts (10 at T1 and +10/tier) + 8 Forged Steel (2 at T1 and +2/tier) This would make sure that most players cant stockpile up weapon parts too because they are consumed for repairs and due to being only avaible at a workbench the player can only really repair in their homebases.
  9. Just an idea but if you have a spare map, you could just pop into creative mode and replicate the structure. I myself have lost the top of the decorative radio tower at the red mesa poi when i painted the lowest part purple. It doesnt make sense but im gonna try to experiment with it.
  10. Hmm, yeah thats true. How about a workaround where the repair kit has durability what you repair with any parts you have? Not sure if thats one too is possible within the current code, but making crafting recipes what replace consume the repair kit itself and some parts could work.
  11. Okay how about the following? We rework the repair kit into a pseudo-container. You can use if from the inventory and it opens up a menu where you can put in weapon parts to fill it. Each repair with it consumes some items from it, fixing your issue of not being able to carry that much mats while also still making players repair with parts and raw materials.
  12. Just a question but why not just remove repair packs altogether? Like what are you exactly repairing in a hammer? You either replace the head or the handle. If everything is repairable throught parts and materials it would drastically scale down the power increase we get throught levels.
  13. There are multiple items encouraging a stealth build. Books, perks, armor, there is a steath build presented in the game complimented with everything needed for one.
  14. Yep, death especially early game where the newbie coat saves your xp doesnt matter. I firmly believe that the fix we need is essentially nothing but just more items ingame, for an example 100 weapon items with 1 per loot room that means you will collect them all in 100 attempts not counting possible repetititon. We are at approx 60 items what can be used as weapons and a bunch of them are tools (16) what are not really useable as they are so we are at 46 weapons total. If you find only 1 per lootroom thats 46 rooms at shortest. Now because theres an avarage 3 weapons per loot room my first example finishes looting weapons in 34 tries while the current experience one would finish in 16 tries. The current system is basically set up to slow down the gameplay because the zombie design is kind of asking for you to have guns to fight the masses and if you find them early you are finished. Ideally having guns should not make melee a secondary weapon choice and having guns should not mean that the dead is now only dangerous when coming en-masse.
  15. Thats true but gameplay wise unless the pimps plan to release atleast 3 more motor tools theres really no point in these to have their own parts.
  16. Hes kind of right that its a terrible game design. You do not fail because you were moving too fast, were careless or simply didnt have high enough stealth. You fail because the situation is scripted for your failure. Its the same deal while several people hate ambush cutscenes in video games because it clashes with what was achieved. Like imagine that during a mission in Splinter Cell you reached 100% stealth, no one ever seen you, no one got killed or stunned, not a single soul knows you are there because you are moving in the absolute darkness in ventillation shafts soo silently you can hear the guards breathing around and then suddenly cutscene "You kick out the cover of the ventillation shaft directly into a some glass wall and the noise causes the nearby guard to sound the alarm.". Like in the ugly picture i posted here, it makes sense for you to trigger an alarm because you stepped into the line of sight of awaken zeds (green) from the door but if you enter from the top parts where there is no vision theres really no reason for them to get alerted.
  17. Repair by parts would be a nice way to balance things around especially if they fix the droprates, thought i still thinks its a fundamental problem that we try to treat these essentially craft and forget low grade gear as something what needs its own stage.
  18. Just a question but why do we even need the motor tool parts? Making both the Auger and the Chainsaw (and whatever else needs motor tool parts) craftable with Steel Tool parts fixes the whole issue, lightens the game a bit and the entire logic about needing moving parts can be replaced with mechanical+electrical parts.
  19. Separate piece as in those cooling pad things you put your laptop on or as something you build onto the laptop?
  20. It doesnt even need anything like that. Make it trigger on entering the room to wake up all the zeds and place many of them around the poi so the player cant really get rid of them without risking triggering one.
  21. Playable as actually runs in an acceptable manner (whats acceptable is subjective to ones hardware). I never said this game is at that point, it works pretty fine on its own thought i would be happy if some generic graphics commands would be already baked into the game so i dont need to retype them every time i load up the game. That bugged mess managed to corrupt one of our maps, im never touching it ever.
  22. "Game supposed to be" do you actually argue that the game shouldnt be playable, stable, optimized, bug free?
  23. Its not the same. Its one thing when you have a modding community what compliments your game well like for Noita or when you have a modding community what essentially does the work of the devs by expanding their faulty product into a playable game like Hellgate London. Ofcourse when the main course runs dry you look for mods to spice up the gameplay but what im afraid of is the point where the mismanagment goes as far that i gotta need to download several separate mods just to play what the game supposed to be (Like how everyone and their mothers when someone says they are new to Skyrim will tell you to download 4 different mods to make the game work.)
  24. True, its a pointless fight really. Would make much more sense to improve the many "weak" aspects of the game like electricity, traps, AI, optimization and soo on that one would think that some random guy's latest levitating block structure is the literal last in the list on what to fix. I seriously hope we dont go down the Bethseda road where we must actively seek mods to get more out of the game because everything is focused soo much on this anti-cheese.
  25. Thats what i get for having sleep deprivation, i funked up the modinfo.xml. Anyway heres the finished now working mod, credited to @-Holo- for sharing. Stupid Undead.7z
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