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  1. Any news on the serverside mods for invetory space / car respawns? Would love to implement those on my server, but not sure if the A18.1(2) work for A19 ?!
  2. Just wondering, what if i wanted to implement mods like this on my server? Does it work the same way with uploading files, And do those work then serverside? Or should i ALSO install them personally on my own PC ?
  3. So how long does it usually take for a alpha update like this to be released on normal instead of beta opt in ?
  4. See how confusing this is for people lmao
  5. Why do people keep talking about "when will experimental be updated" ? Aren't we just supposed to wait untill steam updates 7 days, and then when we open the game it will be A19 ?!
  6. Could we maybe have a toggle option for aiming down? The amounts of times i messed up because after reloading it's automaticly aiming again is just straightout silly. I'm not saying holding right mouse button should be mandatory but a toggle option so people can choose how to aim would be perfect! Any plans for it for Alpha 19 ?
  7. Hey guys, i've been reading alot in de previous pages, and i'm wondering @madmole are you guys planning on implementing car respawns on multiplayer servers so we don't have to use mods? also, speaking of vehicles, when i close a door, the motorcycle / minibike / bike fall over :') is that something that is being worked on as well? i know it is a super minor thing, but it caught my attention the other day. Keep up the good work tho, i've only been playing the game for about 6 weeks now, but it's great! With kind regards, Sir negan Beer is the only thing that m
  8. Hey Highhope, is there a chance you could make a modlet for furnice input to 3 or 4 ?
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