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  1. Sir Negan

    Highope's Modlets

    Any news on the serverside mods for invetory space / car respawns? Would love to implement those on my server, but not sure if the A18.1(2) work for A19 ?!
  2. Just wondering, what if i wanted to implement mods like this on my server? Does it work the same way with uploading files, And do those work then serverside? Or should i ALSO install them personally on my own PC ?
  3. So how long does it usually take for a alpha update like this to be released on normal instead of beta opt in ?
  4. See how confusing this is for people lmao
  5. Why do people keep talking about "when will experimental be updated" ? Aren't we just supposed to wait untill steam updates 7 days, and then when we open the game it will be A19 ?!
  6. No update on steam for me yet tho..
  7. Could we maybe have a toggle option for aiming down? The amounts of times i messed up because after reloading it's automaticly aiming again is just straightout silly. I'm not saying holding right mouse button should be mandatory but a toggle option so people can choose how to aim would be perfect! Any plans for it for Alpha 19 ?
  8. Hey guys, i've been reading alot in de previous pages, and i'm wondering @madmole are you guys planning on implementing car respawns on multiplayer servers so we don't have to use mods? also, speaking of vehicles, when i close a door, the motorcycle / minibike / bike fall over :') is that something that is being worked on as well? i know it is a super minor thing, but it caught my attention the other day. Keep up the good work tho, i've only been playing the game for about 6 weeks now, but it's great! With kind regards, Sir negan Beer is the only thing that makes melee with knuckles viable, and that is only if your PC can handle melee during hordenight 😛
  9. Sir Negan

    Highope's Modlets

    Hey Highhope, is there a chance you could make a modlet for furnice input to 3 or 4 ?
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