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  1. Network error is not a mod problem, it is down to your connection to github. Also, use the modlauncher as it will retry broken connections until it has all the files. You can also click resume to continue from where it failed.
  2. Are you using the modlauncher or just trying to download? If you cannot download, then the problem is with your firewall or ISP, try the modlauncher if you haven't as it works fine.
  3. Well if you regard dumb as rude and vulgar, clearly we do have different standards!
  4. Sorry didn't realise facts were now considered insults, noted. Don't care if people do say my idea is dumb, I'm a grown up and realise not everyone is gonna agree with me
  5. Don't care what way it works, it's still a dumb idea Injuries persisting through death, now that is a proper penalty that works for SP and MP.
  6. So it's the morning of day 7 and I can't be bothered to do Horde night..... Ah death yes....
  7. If anyone is still experiencing pausing with Nvidia cards, nvidia released a hotfix driver today which addresses that as o e issue
  8. The stutter is the prefabs loading, ie the ones that didn't load when the world loaded in. It was a recent change and they are still perfecting it I believe.
  9. Some great suggestions, I love them
  10. This has been a major headache recently, so yes.
  11. Apparently I have reached my "like" quota for the day, so consider your post liked. Thank you Solomon, I thought so as well, maybe it was coming with the loot rebalance anyway, but I like to think it was a well thought out suggestion based on actually playing the game and experiencing what happens with other loot. 150% agree! Too many good comments in this thread to cover them all but find myself agreeing with pretty much all of them.
  12. Thanks again Roland, good to see at least some people can recognise constructive feedback, it wasn't originally confrontational but meganoth took it upon himself to start calling me a liar so I just got a bit hacked off with him. He is still rambling on but as I said, subject is over for me now I have now added a tag to @madmole for the suggestion I had already put in the A19 thread.
  13. Why thank you sir, nice to see constructive feedback is recognised by some ❤️
  14. You see this is why YOU shouldn't jump to conclusions. Firstly upgraded stone tools don't do more damage afaik they just have increased durability. Secondly it is not about progression, you really should actually read what I wrote rather than answering your interpretation of it. However for the sake of cl;arity, maybe watch one of my videos where I am well tooled up, iron tools, lvl 4 AK, etc etc and STILL getting crappy stone tools from pass n gas crates. It's just rubbish, it is poor design and lazy (if they can get it right with shamway and SM crates, why not PNG and WST?). It i
  15. I think on this particular game I was playing 90 minute days, but TBH I usually spec intellect so it makes a little difference. And yes I quest and work my @%$*#! off, even at night I am very good at choosing the right places and doing the right jobs (he says modestly :D) Genuinely LMFAO at that Nerdpoling is'nt cheesing... Tell me, how would you have completed this quest? Spent 3 days building a base around the floodlight?
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