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  1. Crafting table tier 2? (carpenters table T2 in this case) You have all the necessary info in item description.
  2. pass-n-gass crates / salvage cement mixers / traders
  3. Yes, for now it's more or less vanilla - loot overhaul incoming. Almost same answer as above - loot overhaul incoming, and all of that will make sense. AFAIK quality will be tied to gamestage. So you will be able to find good item early on, but with very low quality. Yup, I will add that imho bicycle should be lootable day1, maybe even added as guaranteed to POIs - no need to force us to walk, when we have 2 helicopters later on. Screw stone age era. :DDD You really should join discord - https://discord.gg/uEREjEpU All agreed, extractors will be
  4. Bug, feature or am I going crazy and it was always like that? I could swear my A18 stealth build was waaaay faster.
  5. If 7dtd works fine - so will UL. EDIT: Nitrogen/RWG doesn't matter. Compo works also fine.. but (imho) bleh 😜
  6. I have too agree with this one. Just started my second playthrough and option "give me my skill points and leave me alone" would be welcome. Not sure it will be possible.
  7. Craft "Future is now!" book, made from research notes. Ummm where? But no - machete is for hunter and survivalist masteries.
  8. F1 dm enter esc open POI teleporter (new option in esc menu) Type DFalls
  9. Answering to myself. It's a part of SpherellCore - blocks.xml <property name="DisableXPIconNotification" value="false" /> <!-- Don't like the UI element for XP? Set to true to disable. --> This. KGB - Thanks for nothing, I love DF.
  10. Well yes, I don't need it to know when I killed zed (that I know anyway because of health bars, and 600h ingame also helps) but to know how much different acitivities are worth - also I used to see XP, just a habit. Time is less important - didn't know about watch/radio. Thanks to you both. Great job on DF btw.
  11. Is it possible to add clock and/or exp gained? (including editing xml)
  12. Anyone else experiencing problems with download? Both mod launcher and manual fails for me. Edit: download manager also failed - all of them at the end around ~1.03GB
  13. Got it at trader stash+2 day 14 (also 120m) GS 51 My "where the hell is it" was small engine. Already got a car, and still didn't found/salvaged engine for minibike Im not a big fan of new loot system, but Iv read what the are planning for future and it looks good.
  14. Exactly what I was looking for - I feel dumb now, didn't think to check in video settings 0_o Thank You
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