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  1. @Subquake First, this is an awesome addition to the modding community for 7D. Im thorughly enjoying it with some friends and have had little to no issues. However last night, 3 of the players (they run very high end to medium end systems) experienced the console error I am attaching below. Visually, the workstations, base chests etc keep disappearing for them and then reappearing after the said error. Do you have any insight as to what the case might be? Thank you P.S: The server is a dedicated hosted one and 8 players play on it on a high time. Even with a single affected player on the server the issue still presists after a server restart, game restart on the client's end and a hard restart of the PC.
  2. @Fox That could be a case aswell but why does it happen now. I will check and get back to you.
  3. @Fox Yeap windowed works perfectly fine. If I go into settings and turn fullscreen off all good. If I leave it on its the @%$#show i shared earlier. Been scracthing my head and cant find a solution. I tried the game on a GTX 600 and that worked fine (as in no flicker or red stuff). Keeping in mind I havent touched the launcher settings or pre launch commands except the Gamesparks data sharing thing.
  4. @Fox Im not aware of a borderloss window option. There is the Fullscreen, yes or no option. If you select no, then its the windowed mode. There's no in between visual mode. I guess it could be one of the first issues but I have another friend with the same Alienware specs who can play it just fine. This puzzles me even more.
  5. Firstly, thank you all for replying. @FoxI think i need to say it again. The game works perfectly fine for me. The only issue I get is when I play fullscreen mode. If i played windowed it works totally fine. I played the same patch, the same settings a couple months ago using Darkness Falls (which takes even more then what 7D requires in certain cases) and I had 0 issues. @q123 I will try to use windowed mode for now. Both are completely identical cards.
  6. hwey q123, there are two Gtx660s. So it should work right? I could play the most recent update till about 2 months ago after I stopped Darkness Falls and Walker mods. If i play windowed the game work completely fine. The only problem with windowed is that I have no access to my toolbelt.
  7. Hi so here are two logs. The first has the flicker issue. https://pastebin.com/L9gNhb6D The second has the flicker issue and a crash with it. Paste bin wont allow me to upload the second log saying it has somethin offensive in it so I'll paste the second log here.
  8. hey thanks. Umm where do i get the logs? I can not see the game options at all (continue game, join game etc so I cant provide you a screenshot of them) I also found out that if i play the game in windows mode it works fine but I cant see my toolbelt. I launch it through steam and the launcher is set to No Exclusive fullscreen, no EAC and Direct x11. Specs: I73930K 3.2ghz 16gb ram win 64 bit gtx 660 Last i checked i was running the game on custom settings but everything was the lowest possible exept the render distance (that was up a notch)
  9. Hi guys, I have been experiencing this issue since a reinstall on steam. On launching the game the screen turns red slowly, there are no clickables and the game would flicker. I do not know what this is and have never experienced such a thing before in 7d or any other games. Please keep the following in mind before you suggest a solution: 1. It is a legit steam copy. 2. I have reinstalled, validated the game (no issues). 3. I have EAC disabled. 4. No mods are installed, its the vanilla game. 5. My spec to meet the current requirements for the game. 6. No other game has such an issue. These include Tropico 5, Dota 2, GTAV, Rainbow Six, Humankind, Raft, Subnautica, etc (to give you an idea). 7. I played on this patch before and had no issues. There were no updates to the game itself before in reinstalled. I am attaching a video of what I am experiencing. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you Video Link:
  10. Hey so setting up a dedicated server. In the XML theres a place to put the map seed. Now i cant find the seed for DF and when i alaunch the server it gives an error for the map seed. any help?
  11. @KhaineGB I saw that youtube video of yours explaining an install In the comments you mention to install for 19.2 not 19.1. I just went through steam for 7 days 2 die and in the betas I have 19.1 as the max. So what do I do? I am on open beta by default on steam. So got 19.2. Downloaded from the link you gave on YT. Same Console error.
  12. Doesnt work for us at all. We made a new profile and character, changed names on steam etc. Now the Animal Hunter and Hunter potion conflicts are gone but there is this Object instance thing in red. I'll attach a screenshot below. The entity is 2226. there is no such thing as 2226 on the mod when i test it in SP aaah thanks
  13. Can you clarify the other location and steam thing u said?
  14. Hi Could anyone please tell me where to find the bunkers in this mod. I have tried searching for like alot (day 123 rn) I play on this map for DF: DFalls-Medium4 Also there is an error for a friend of mine that popped up today. The console says "Could not load up Animal Hunter Potion Particle as it is already in use with another mod." Now we do have Several other mods working on the server including Bdub's vehicles, radios, cctv and such but they havent caused us any issues. WE play as a group of 7 friends and no one has encountered this error except this one person today. We unistalled all mods on the server and our systems to try to get back in. All of us could with and without the additional modelts except this one person. This person can load up the mod in a SP game but joining the server it won't let him log on for the error i mentioned above and a new error Discarding entity 348 (Infected survivor radioactive zombie) stating object refrence not set to an instance of an object. We have: Restarted the server Uninstalled and reinstalled the game Reinstalled the mod without modlets Switched profiles on characters Ran in 32 bit and 64 again. The same errors persist throughout no matter what we do for this person. A new character (Level 1) can not login because of the errors I stated above. but this person can login into a different server running the same mods and modlets without issue. I have no idea what the Animal Hunter Potion Particle is neither the Hunter Potion Particle. This person was a maxed security and farmer with technology unlocked (no Hunter class, if that helps) Thanks in advance
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