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  1. How I do change the traders to be non protected I have ur mod installed but it's not working they are still protected
  2. Has there been any problems with this mod causing me not being able to loot some things cuz since i installed this i cant loot alot of things i should be able to including working stiff shamway an the other crates so i could use some help an if anyone knows maybe another mod tht is doing it let me kno
  3. Recommended specs on this pack?
  4. um im having some problems with my install so i get them all installed then i go an start the game an it doesnt start up right so i force close an then it says there something wrong with one of the data files the managed part the assembly -CSharp.dll ive been tryna start this all night but ive been having so much trouble can someone help me
  5. Ok so i downloaded the browser or whatever that everyone uses an im trying to download darkness falls but i get to the point where i have to copy game file or download new from steam an i dont have the file (yes i own game) it wont pop up so i download from steam an it does the whole windows command an downloads it but it doesnt let me download darkness falls i tried both the experiment one an the main they download but they dont work when i go to start game from them so i was like ok ill try to download mod individually nope that didnt workso i was fine so i tried to change game files to do it tht way didnt work either i need some help if u have any ideas as to y contact my discord OracleGaming#6688 or type on here but im not really on this tht often.
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