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  1. @meganoth It seems like you have an idea of what is going on here. Could you please elaborate on my PC getting misclassified by the heuristic. I'd love to file a bug report if it would help, and especially if it gets the ball rolling on a fix. But I really don't know if I have enough information about what is happening to provide a report... I've played a great many games where I've hosted servers and needed to know a great deal of commands. But none have ever required driver tweaks to run properly "if I recall correctly." But I do get that the game is still in alpha. It's just been frustrating trying everything I can to get the game running properly, only to find that a command I was told was experimental would've helped all along.
  2. As it was already when I checked the nvidia control panel... Only worked after allowing the game to control it and entering the command into the console... And regardless it's still too much to ask for the average person to know how to tweak driver settings for a single game...
  3. @erlgrey Interestingly enough I don't seem to get any bluriness from AF 0... And I even left the nvidia settings image sharpening off? Weird, also Vulkan literally halves my already low framerate on my 960 4GB so it's likely Vulkan does better with your gpu/cpu "and I'm guessing it's the gpu." GL Core literally stutters while reporting a "normal" frame rate XD
  4. @SylenThunder "Pissing in the wind" XD I'm dying. His 7700 is faster than my 4770k by roughly 5% with stock clock speeds and even with a gtx 960 4GB which is again, more than 50% slower than his 1060 I still manage now "45fps." After using the "gfx af 0" option in the console... Which was never a suggestion when I was asking on a separate thread previously... Was 30 without, and I'm glad the comment I found here actually helped. His system should EASILY be able to do more than 45FPS if my specs are any comparison... But LOL on the idea that you need a hexacore/octacore and 1070+ gpu to run a 25$ early access title that's been around since 2013! It's just elitist, unfair, cruel, and frankly not helpful to those who cannot afford such expensive hardware and would like to play the game... Especially when the system they are using is WELL within the game's recommended specs... Sure the game is unoptimized, but when you would rather flex your own specs than actually help it just looks assanine. If there is truly such a large disparity in performance between that many systems, then something HAS to be the game's fault at some point... And rather than ASS-U-MEng "yes I spell assuming ASS-U-MEng because it's making an ass out of all of us" everyone is well-versed in software/game development, you could either offer some suggestions on how to improve performance or simply not reply lol. I think we're all eagerly awaiting BETA performance improvements, at least those of us running anything less than a 1060 or with slower processors. And if I may, could I please??? get an explanation as to why "gfx af 0" so drastically improves performance in my case? I have no idea what it does...
  5. Lol @erlgrey, probably true. And using sylen's settings actually tanked my fps more than my own. Texture size, texture filter, water quality, and water particles had no noticeable effect on my framerate... Changing ss reflections to off is the only setting that changed my fps more than 2 "5 actually." But I found a bit of a stopgap elsewhere... Opening the console and entering "gfx af 0" seems to improve my framerate ~15ish. I don't know exactly why, someone just said that it was supposed to be a VRAM thing. And I'm still 15 frames from what is reasonable/desirable "60." But at least the game runs a lot more smoothly and I don't notice much if any visual quality differences, even at ridiculous distances. Though I really wish I didn't have to play around with the console to get the game "even close to" playable. And change settings without knowing exactly what they do. So I'll just attach the post that saved me a LOT of trouble here, in the hopes that either A: this information becomes easier to access B: the game sees large optimizations/performance improvements, or C: BOTH.
  6. As it should, but that's just simply not so for me personally... At this point I am certain of a few things... 1: I've tried everything I can do on my end to fix this 2: It only got bad after alpha 18 "The first version." 3: As far as I am aware I began having these issues somewhere in the alpha 17 versions "certainly by alpha 17.4" Which has so far been my favorite, but leaving personal opinions aside I've been playing the game nearly since launch and never had it run this poorly. I've tried everything from re-installing windows, lowering settings, reseating hardware, loading from different hard disks, overclocking cpu, gpu, and memory, unplugging memory and monitors, turning off the Intel IGPU, lowering settings, allowing security exceptions, switching to GL Core rendering, running the game with easy anti-cheat enabled/disabled, updating/changing my graphics driver, and uninstalling "possibly conflicting software", without any improvements. And it just doesn't make any sense. My settings pretty close to match @SylenThunder 's, perhaps changes made with the recent alpha simply put more stress on my hardware. But I've been told by many with similar specs that something is wrong... I suspected some sort of vsync issue as the 30FPS number just seems too ridiculous for it NOT to be the case. But it most certainly isn't enabled and changing it to on doesn't seem to do much except lower it the 3-5 extra fps I'd be above 30...
  7. I did, and of course it helps... But we're talking 5-ish fps? Hardly worth the loss in quality.
  8. No change here, even with the integrated gpu completely disabled.
  9. @Ente I'm looking into other solutions right now. Like I said I've gotten the same results from medium to ultra. Meaning I get the same results even with half textures... And I'm loading a default Navezgane map in both the desert & snow biomes. Results are still effectively the same sadly...
  10. Not exactly, I see roughly 30 FPS from medium settings all the way up to ultra regardless. Not gains "unfortunately" or losses either way... I'd love to see 60+ even if it meant running the game at medium settings. Though that would still be unsatisfactory.
  11. Well after reading all of these replies I've since attempted several fixes... I first tried to lower settings, thinking "well maybe I'm pushing my system too hard." Using most of the presets appears to yield roughly 30 FPS regardless, with the exception of Lowest & Low. Which of course my rig should be able to run, but is laughable compared to what should be possible with my specs. I removed completely Dexpot & BlackGlassEnhanced. Which yielded no results. I made sure to exclude not only 7DTD but also all steam-related applications in Norton with no improvement. I've removed the 4GB stick as advised. Though from experience I know it couldn't have such a ridiculous performance penalty. And it didn't change anything, so I decided to try variations on 4, 8 , 16, and 24 GB as well. The only differences in performance were framerate dips with the 4 & 8GB configurations. I've even tried running the RAM in all of those configurations at 1866Mhz At this point, i'm not sure what else I could try.
  12. Alright, sorry about not having that information in the post. Just new to the forums and trying to figure this out. Here's the link to the Speccy as well: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/x...ZAQ2OBz0d2Lpq6 output_log__2020-04-05__08-08-18.txt
  13. Having trouble running the game at more than 30FPS on a decent rig at medium/high settings... Specs are as follows: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate X64 CPU: Intel Core I7-4770K @ 4.2Ghz GPU: MSI GTX 960 4GB RAM: 28GB DDR3 1600 SSD: Samsung 840 EVO I have Norton installed, but have added exceptions as advised. Am I missing something?
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