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  1. Hey how can I use the elevator? I powered it but I can´t seem to find the button on my keyboard to choose the level to go to in the panel
  2. Si, tu nadamás vas a arrastrar esa carpeta adentro de la carpeta MODS de 7 days Yes, you just gotta drag that folder into the MODS one inside 7 days
  3. Download the mod again through Microsoft Edge browser, that fixed it for me 100%
  4. Try downloading the mod again with Edge browser, in my case for some reason chrome was corrupting the download (4 times) and I suspected it was chrome´s fault when it would just download 1.9 GB of data instead of 2.9GB. The "MOD" folder dissapeared through chrome for whatever reason. Make sure it weighs what it should, decompress, and just drag the 3 folders into the copy of 7 days and that should do it.
  5. It was something with my Chrome browser. If anyone else gets the same error it can easily be solved by downloading the files through Microsoft Edge and maybe other browsers
  6. Sorry, nope, the zip is corrupted... Is anyone else having the same issue or just me? I tried with Winrar and Winzip 3 times.
  7. It was the link from a few pages ago when you updated the mod the last time, but let me try again with the first page´s link
  8. Apparently the file is corrupted and the zip cannot be decompressed. I downloaded it twice. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks a lot man, I think we will all update to 19.2 since he mentions a lot of bugs are fixed, so I guess it´s worth starting over. I appreciate your help though, thank you!
  10. Hello Khaine, can you please guide me to a link or some way for my friend to download your mod for 19.1? I made him download it from a link you pasted in the comments of your youtube video but realized it might be already upgraded to 19.2 since there were new folders in the zip. But we all are playing 19.1 Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks a lot for your answer. Much appreciated. Well in reality I can play with your mod nicely myself and use all vehicles, but the problem comes when my friend tries to join my game or either make one on his own, he´d get a spam of non stop red messages about the same issue. Perhaps a way to bypass this spam and log into my game would be enough? Not sure if that´s possible. The reason why I spent several hours cluttering up my mind with general information trying to solve this is because I think your mod + DF + nitrogen is absolutely worthwhile. Hope I can get this sorted soon If there´s more projects of yours I´m interested in finding out too. Thanks again.
  12. Hi everyone, I´m a newbie. Just wondering if there´s any fix to the moddlet? I used nitrogen to generate the map, and patch it with Darkness Falls, then added the vehicles mod but it always displays an error that says "loading and parsing "traders.xml" failed. Also many yellow messages saying that the patch for traders.xml from mod "Bdub vehicles" did not apply. I´d appreciate a helping hand since I´ve been troubleshooting for 6 hours straight on my own lol
  13. Is it possible to run DF on a map generated by Nitrogen? I read it´s not compatible but I was able to play DF nicely, except from my friend who cannot join my game due to a trader.xml error that appears hundreds of times. Is anyone aware of any fix to it?
  14. Hi Khaine, hope you´re doing well. What does it mean to run it with Vanilla and then patch it with Darkness falls? I mean, what is Vanilla and where can I find it?
  15. Hi Khaine, just wondering if the big fancy towers are gone... I don´t seem to find them in any map, nor the premade 3 lvl horde base... Are they gone for good?
  16. Hi Khaine, thanks for all your hard work. Just having some issues with the guards, either the ones from the traders or the ones I spawn... They shoot at the zombies randomly, after a few shots they just completely quit shooting and stand still even if they´re hit by the zombies. Not sure if that´s gonna be fixed but it´d be cool if it does.
  17. Hi Khaine, i´m a big fan, but a newbie installing mods. Could you please tell me how to manually install the zip files into the original files to replace them and get the mod working? My friend and I can´t pull that off yet... And the mod launcher doesn´t work for him, it´s stuck at ¨refreshing¨. Also, as you mentioned before about being a giflab issue, I do not understand why it all works just fine for me but not to my friends... S.O.S. and thanks!
  18. Hi Khaine, thanks a lot for the great work you´ve done on this mod so far. Just wanted to let you know that 3 of my friends who play with me are having the same issue as mentioned above, they get stuck on the pre-sync phase with a never ending loading bar that is supposed to be cloning it. Re-installing everything does not work so i´m thinking it might be the launcher or the files, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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