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  1. Cool thanks, that does work! Thanks so much for all the hard work towards this awesome pack! I have also noticed that when I move a few hundred yards and new PoIs enter the frame, those same texture illusions appear again. Unfortunately this makes questing in that POI really hard especially since restarting isn't really an option once you start a quest. I ran a plain Nitro map with Vanilla PoIs (from the Prefab drop down list) and the same density and size settings etc. and the problem seems to have gone away, so I'm perplexed by this because I really want to play with the PoIs that this p
  2. This is killing me because I love the Nitrogen maps as a generator and I love what Magnoli/Compo Pack brings interms of PoIs. I used all the latest files while trying to play the Undead Legacy mod on a dedicated server and while everything seemingly works okay I'm getting render issues. Graphical glitches all over the place particularly vendors standing in a block of iron and or doors being blocked etc. I looked over the server logs and found the following 2020-12-19T20:08:36 324.443 INF VehicleManager saving 0 (0 / 0) 2020-12-19T20:08:37 325.040 INF Time: 4.45m FPS: 33.76 Hea
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