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  1. Loving this mod man! The best thing I did was not read anything about it before trying it. There I was about to stroll into an army camp when I noticed 3 figures in flames roaming around. Ooo let's go check them out. Boom, dead. Fucking demons? 3 of them. Head back out. Wait, I just unloaded a fully modded max combat shotgun into the thing, ran backward to reload and turn to finish it off.... but it's back to full health?? Dead. 3 more deaths later I managed to take down the 3 bastards. Awesome! Oh, so now to the army barracks. Run into some higher level military guys. Combat shotgun time! Wait, no damage?? None? Dead... Come back with AP rounds... Im playing 1 level up from standard and fear going out at night and going into large POI. I'm level 81 and in insanity vanilla im all but unkillable. Not here and I frickin love it. Most fun I've had in this game since I started playing 1500+ hours ago. I love Jax's work and really enjoyed RH. I didn't think anything could top it. They are both fantastic, but was pleasantly surprised that I enjoy this a bit more. Thought I was going to hate the classes, but I really like it that I'm not this bad ass Jack of all trades. I haven't come across a single thing I'd change. Looking forward to hitting 100 and getting titanium. Sorry this is so long, but just cant say enough about this (and I'm at my kids practice). I plan on contributing shortly. Great work and much appreciated! Oh, do you havyoa discord by chance? Maxx
  2. Good lord man, this is no joke. I usually play insanity, full nightmare and then I met DF. Night 1 I see radiated?? I cowered within the safety of the trader guards until light and dropped difficulty to warrior. 3 days later learned using a the scrap pistol in the wild brings all the zeds to my yard. Whacked 2x trying to clear a L2 POI. On the way back a 3rd time to get my BP I run into this unholy thing that was in all black that had 900 HP. Dead again. I'll be dropping down to default settings next session. This is great, I haven't been challenged like this in forever. I didn't think I was going to like classes, but ive quickly become a convert and the way you handled skills in general. All good stuff so far. Thanks for the great work!
  3. Maxx_98

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Go to the ravenherst web site home page to read what jax wrote about 6.3. I don't want to try to paraphrase it. Im playing the 3rd map solo. He said that was the best for long play. Well designed cities, large and the terrain is not annoyingly difficult to traverse.
  4. Maxx_98

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I have to be missing something. I can't find a crowbar. Level 63 with +108 loot from perception and goggles. GS 192. I have at least 6 of each lifts, wratchet sets and compressors. No...crow...bar. It cant be RNG at this point. Do I need a skill point in something? Thanks!
  5. Maxx_98

    Ravenhearst Mod

    This...is.... awesome! Thanks guys, great work all around. Love the crafting, love the custom maps, love the new POI, love the changes to research. Love game stages and added zeds. Basically everything... could live without the level locking of skills. 80 and 100 are a bit high imo, but that's minor. One issue I have is that the spawn seems to break occasionally. I have to completely exit the game and relaunch to reset. Is there a console command I can use to reset? Thanks again!!
  6. I take back the 100% infection rate. I just started playing Ravenherst. Awesome so far, but the infection not clearing after death is a bitch. I love it. lol
  7. I might have to try 5x again. my first time using it I had non stop zeds. I couldn't do anything but fight them. it was a fresh start, so maybe jumping up to 5x a few days in makes more sense. I could totally see running 10x by mid to late game. - - - Updated - - - One thought I had was a mod that would have a 100% infection rate on hits.
  8. Hey Jax, I just wanted to let you know I really like and appreciate your work. You are one of the very few out there trying to make the game more challenging. I use 14 mods and 10 of them are yours. You have revitalized the game for me and added many more hours of enjoyment. So, just a big thanks!!
  9. Hello, is there a map notes mod? I'd really like to be able to mark up the map without anything showing up in the hud. Either a check box next to the existing icons to determine if it appears in the HUD or something separate that allows you make marks/notes on the map. Does anything like this exist or is it something that can be done? Thanks!
  10. Bingo, thanks, that was the piece I was missing. Appreciate it!
  11. Im with ya, not sure how to run this with NitroGen. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I wouldn't say my playstyle is nomadic, but it removes a lot of the grind for me. Basically, I have taken most of the crafting out of the game and only use what I can find or craft without a station. I can use a firepit and I can use a found mixer. I'll allow limited mods to be built using the workstation if I think it's something I could actually fashion myself. I also play without traders Mods (mostly from Jax Teller) - 3x random spawn - 2x roaming horde size - 2x skill points per level - Weaken zombies Settings: - warrior - 75% loot - No blood moon - No loot respawn - No air drops NitroGen map - 4k - No traders! - Less cities, farms etc Oh and I start with a mini bike with a full tank of fuel. ( hate running) 😀
  13. Im sure this has been posted and sorry I only read a few of the 30+ pages, but JaxTeller has a mod that adds 2x, 3x or 5x the spawn rate of roaming zombies. 5x is pretty nuts with zeds just about everywhere you look. I prefer the 3x. I may swap to 5x later in the game but day 1 was pretty hairy. He also has a 2x the size of roaming hordes. Love that one too!
  14. Everyone has their own play style and enjoy different aspects of the game. For me, I enjoy a slower power progression and to me the traders almost make the game to easy. You potentially get early access to a WS, Forge, Chem station and/or Mixer. Running quests gives nice items and dukes to buy almost whatever you need. Ive stopped using them and along with 75% loot drops I'm having a lot slower progression and enjoying it. I did see a mod for a wandering trader that I might try. Hoping it's something you find rarely and has very limited and expensive loot. Personally, I'd like to the traders have stupid expensive limited items that you really have to earn. They shouldn't buy just about everything either. As of now, short of buying solar panels everything else is trivial. Even those become a non issue in fairly short order with the sell prices. Repair an item and toss in a few mods and you are getting 20k+ per POI clear.
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