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  1. I think the sealed crates should at least contain Parts, so people with points in the appropriate perks can at least start collecting materials to make their own.
  2. I voted 2. I am hoping that the pipe weapons and such will help with the primitive stage, but I think it would make more sense to find more weapon and tool parts in safes and crates and such, so that people who want to craft the stuff they are specializing in would be able to do just that. If I'm specializing in Agility, I would rather be finding handgun parts and bow parts in a Shotgun Messiah box than someone's blunderbuss collection. You want to make crafting weapons more useful early game? Give us more parts!
  3. It has changed so many things for me. Mostly dietary. Like I no longer eat supercorn, and I do eat candy.
  4. Think about a base that's even a simple square tower with walls that are two layers thick. If it gets damaged by an AoE type of thing like vulture or cop spit, the outside corner is easy to fix, but the inside corner that you can't see because it's covered up by other blocks is not so easy.
  5. I like the Desert Vulture. It is amazing. I dislike that Crack a Books rarely have actual books in them anymore. I feel like it's maybe 95% paper, 5% books/schematics/sticky notes now.
  6. I always assumed it was a chain, and that they have a recording of Trader Joel that they play at closing time.
  7. I maxed Salvage operations and I made a blue ratchet to replace my blue wrench, and it turned out that the wrench was better in literally every way except the ratchet's block damage was like 3 higher or something like that. It wasn't worth the extra stamina to scrap something in the exact same amount of hits. I sold the ratchet and went back to my wrench until I had the parts for an impact driver.
  8. Apparently, eating one of those Health Bar candies will make it heal 2x faster. I'm loving the candies.
  9. I'll have to wait until I get home from work to play it, but I will be looking forward to it all day.
  10. Playing single-player, I start out each horde night using up any explosives and molotovs I have (I like to wrench cars and craft molotovs early on), and then switch to using whatever 7.62s I have looted once those run out. Then I switch to pistol or SMG until the end of the horde. At the point where I switch to 7.62s, I also down any recog I have looted, which makes me one-shot most zombies while it lasts, so it takes less bullets per kill. I buy 9 mm ammo whenever the traders have it, and I also buy any bullet casings, bullet tips, and gunpowder they have, and I use that stuff to craft a
  11. I have 930 hours in the game now, but I can still remember early on dying a dozen times in one day. I'd die because I couldn't figure out how to melee properly with my club. I'd die because I was encumbered and couldn't get away in time. I'd bleed out because dogs. I'd die because I stepped on a land mine. I'd die to a surprise bear while attempting to pick some corn. I'd die multiple times trying to recover my stuff after dying. I'd die because the tutorial told me to go to the trader, and he was almost 2 km away, and it turned nighttime before I found him, and then he wouldn't let me
  12. I have a brawler in a tabletop game with low Int and Cha, and part of her backstory is that she was dropped on her head in infancy. Repeatedly. Her mom was a klutz. She's a total sweetheart, loves to help people, and is a hugger. She frequently greets people with a hug. And she has decent Wis and points in Sense Motive. I often start encounters by saying, "She looks at *whatever NPC* and senses their motives *Rolls Sense Motive check*. Do they look like they need a hug?"
  13. Indeed, but one of the things that sometimes makes WINE a pain is that not everything just automatically works with it perfectly, and sometimes you need to do complicated technical stuff to tweak it to work just right. Proton automatically does the complicated tweaks for you, making it way easier to get a Windows game running.
  14. I got the impression it was just fixing a bug where people magically stopped digesting food while in a vehicle.
  15. When I had Windows 7, and Windows 10 was released as a free upgrade, I started hearing horror stories from friends whose computers got upgraded without their permission, and then subsequently bricked by mandatory updates, and I wasn't having that nonsense. So I switched to Ubuntu (one of the many Linux distros, and one of the more user-friendly ones). At first I did most of my gaming via WINE, but there were some really great games (such as this one) that ran on Linux without it. Then Steam made a compatibility layer called Proton that made a Ton more Windows games run properly on Linux. S
  16. I actually do use the various buff items. Every horde night, if I have recogs and learnin' elixirs, they're on my hotbar. When I was doing a brawling playthrough, I happily brewed and guzzled beer and moonshine. I love me some Megacrush, and if I'm encumbered, I will use steroids. Recog is especially amazing because as long as it lasts, you're getting several bullets worth of killing power out of every bullet, so you use a lot less bullets. I look forward to being able to just outright buy buffs I need out of vending machines instead of hoping against hope to find a rare recipe or spendi
  17. I know the feeling. I'm currently playing on Pregen 03, and pretty much every Tier IV quest they offer is a Waterworks. Except for one guy who occasionally sends me to some Home Depot that is ridiculously far away.
  18. I greatly prefer the SMG. I always struggle to find mods that can even work on a magnum, whereas the SMG works with a lot of really good ones, including the drum mod and the silencer mod. Not to mention it's way easier to get ammo for it.
  19. ... but I'm a lady. Is it possible at some point for trader's dialogue options to change based on the gender of the character? Even the polite, friendly traders call me "Kind Sir". I realize that most players probably are guys, but how would you feel if every time you went shopping, the cashier was like, "Have a nice day, Madam!"
  20. I've had both. The 4x4 has more storage space than the motorcycle, and seats 2 (handy for multiplayer), and is slightly slower than the motorcycle, and isn't very good off-road. If you can live without the extra storage space, and you don't have passengers to transport, the motorcycle is just fine.
  21. I have bought them at traders, and recently I found a pair in a zombie loot bag after a BMH.
  22. Yes, Gunslinger affects Pistols, Magnums, and the SMG.
  23. There are two kinds of bears in the game. Zombie bears, and normal bears. You must have killed a normal one.
  24. My favorite is the Desert. Aloe cream and yucca juice are wonderful things. Second favorite is the burnt forest, since the burnt zombies are easy to kill.
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