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  1. is anyone getting any weird lag stutters ever minute or so in b169? i wasnt getting these in b163. seems to only happen when the game loads a new chunk
  2. Question for the tech savvy people, has anyone been able to get the game to run in g-sync/free sync mode without screen tearing?
  3. Not sure if it is intended or if it is a bug, but when you have a full inventory and you accept molotovs as a quest reward, instead of the molotovs being dropped as a brown bag, they all explode and set you and the trader on fire
  4. My old Gtx 1070 founders edition had 11Gb of vram
  5. Out of Curiosity, what are your system specs?
  6. Everything about Snowdog is overly sexual. That’s why we keep him around
  7. After playing several hours on @MechanicalLens IceFire RWG map, I highly recommend it. I’m glad you mentioned it. Most likely going to be my go to map from now on
  8. Generating @MechanicalLens IceFire map as we speak, let’s see if it is as good as you say it is 😜
  9. My game settings are default except for mark air drops on map and I personally like getting 2 perk points per level, but other than that, everything is vanilla. I saw that there is an update for no crosshairs while aiming over on nexus, so I’ll probably slap that on when I get home later.
  10. Whenever I get my base finished, I’ll post a screenshot of it, but I have a variant of madmoles 7x7 tower base that works pretty well. I’m curious to see how it does in A19 with the longer Stone Age weaponry
  11. @Roland you should add a knuckle rub emoticon to the like section of the posts lol
  12. I have no issue with traveling 1.5km to do a quest, it means I get to see more of the world and mark good looking poi’s on the map to come back to and loot. Sure the first few days, those buried treasure quests are a main source of food. But if they make it a permanent solution to only offer those types of quests the first few day’s, then it’s not going to be any kind of challenge like they are wanting
  13. Be warned though, the RTX cards require a good air supply. I had to tweak the hell out of the gpu fan curve to get my temps at a good level. The stock fan curve is garbage.
  14. Yeah man, I love my new one. I get double the performance. I went from a 1070 to a 2070 super
  15. I bought my 2070 Super 2 weeks ago at Best Buy for $500USD, just a price gauge for anyone wondering
  16. The burnt forest looks absolutely amaze-balls. The random sounds give me goosebumps. The only issue I have come across is in the green forest, the grass and plants at sunset become kind of fuzzy to the eye and blurred together. Not sure if it’s just me and my eyesight going bad ( I’ve had eye surgery due to a tumor ), but I was just curious if anyone else noticed this. I run full textures and everything at high. DOF is off as well as motion blur.
  17. I gotta say, I love the new and improved stone age
  18. Not yet, I have only done pregen1 and Navezgane. I’m going to try out Mechanical’s RWG map when I get home this evening and see how it is
  19. Performance has been great for me. I can play on Ultra+ and get 55-60 FPS with the occasional hiccup. But since I tried my hand at streaming and recording last night, I knocked it down to High for stream quality. I’m new so I’m figuring out how to balance setting in the streaming world. And trying to find my “radio voice” lol My system is amd ryzen 7 2700x nvidia rtx 2070 super 16Gb ram 500Gb SSD for windows 2Tb hard drive for games
  20. I found a tier 1 steel club day 1 at trader Jen and I saved up the dukes to buy it. So worth it lol. Was it you that mentioned that icefire RWG map?
  21. I’m glad I rebuilt my pc last December and it can generate 8k RWG maps in About 10 minutes
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