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  1. is anyone getting any weird lag stutters ever minute or so in b169? i wasnt getting these in b163. seems to only happen when the game loads a new chunk
  2. Question for the tech savvy people, has anyone been able to get the game to run in g-sync/free sync mode without screen tearing?
  3. Not sure if it is intended or if it is a bug, but when you have a full inventory and you accept molotovs as a quest reward, instead of the molotovs being dropped as a brown bag, they all explode and set you and the trader on fire
  4. My old Gtx 1070 founders edition had 11Gb of vram
  5. Out of Curiosity, what are your system specs?
  6. Everything about Snowdog is overly sexual. That’s why we keep him around
  7. After playing several hours on @MechanicalLens IceFire RWG map, I highly recommend it. I’m glad you mentioned it. Most likely going to be my go to map from now on
  8. Generating @MechanicalLens IceFire map as we speak, let’s see if it is as good as you say it is 😜
  9. My game settings are default except for mark air drops on map and I personally like getting 2 perk points per level, but other than that, everything is vanilla. I saw that there is an update for no crosshairs while aiming over on nexus, so I’ll probably slap that on when I get home later.
  10. Whenever I get my base finished, I’ll post a screenshot of it, but I have a variant of madmoles 7x7 tower base that works pretty well. I’m curious to see how it does in A19 with the longer Stone Age weaponry
  11. @Roland you should add a knuckle rub emoticon to the like section of the posts lol
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