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  1. This happened to me as well. I just went to the meeting location and spawned her by opening the console and typing: spawnentity <playerID> <entityID> (actually you can use "se" instead of spawnentity for brevity). e.g., se 197 617 Hit enter and she'll pop in. Complete quest as normal. Just type se by itself to see a list of ID numbers. So I was 197 and she was 617. One caveat. Make sure all other quests are completed before you engage with her or they may reset and you'll have to do them again.
  2. Hey Khaine, Regarding Trader Bob, the Weapon Crafting part doesn't appear to do anything except take your money - LOL. The rest appear to work as advertised. But all the options will continue to take 1000 Dukes from you every time you click them once they're maxed out. Shouldn't those options disappear or grey out once there maxed? Or is ol' Bob just a con man in disguise and he just seems cool?😀
  3. That's awesome. Really adds to the experience. Thanks again!
  4. Apparently it doesn't matter. I read 4 out of 5 from the hotbar and got the new Trader dialogue. Cool sh*t! Is each Trader different?
  5. OK, thanks. I read one from the Hotbar and one I just used - so I guess we'll find out in three more missions.
  6. Do I have to read the Trader Faction books from the Hotbar or does it matter?
  7. Thanks! Also, the localization for the Trader Faction Books is missing for me, too. This is 18.4 Experimental downloaded from GitLab.
  8. Hey Khaine, Any idea what happened to the book icon on the trader menu? Noticed it was missing a few days ago. Even if they have books/schematics to sell it's not there.
  9. DF reinstates the "Wellness" stat from Alpha 16. Read the Wellness entry in your Journal for more info.
  10. HDHQ Overhaul: Biome Packs and Modlets work. So does Lighting (updated for 18.4). The Textures, sadly, DO NOT.
  11. It's not the Biome Overhauls or the modlets (i.e. particles, wind etc.) that are the problem. They work fine. So does lighting. It's the textures that are the problem. I have a HUGE amount of time on my hands and would be willing - but DUST2DEATH says it's not worth it so I'll take him at his word.
  12. That would be LIVE bears, not zombie ones. Yeah, it should be more specific. Unfortunately, there's a buttload more dead ones than live ones. Doable though. Mountains, snow. Good luck!
  13. In the client version when you hit orange/apple trees with an axe or whatever to harvest the fruit it goes bare IIRC. The tree will eventually grow fruit again but not if you chop it down completely. The banana and coconut trees get smaller when you harvest them and will eventually return to normal size and be harvestable again. Unless you chop them down completely, of course. I'm not sure if the server version is different or not. I've never played it.
  14. You probably downloaded the server version by mistake. Unless you want to host a multiplayer game you want the client download instead.
  15. Two skill books is on the single player version. One skill book on the server version.
  16. Hey Khaine, I'm curious how often you update the experimental build on GitLab. Thinking I should download it again but I have a slow connection so I don't want to unnecessarily. Last time was aprox. 2 weeks ago. Thanks for all your hard work!
  17. You can have any or all of them. Up to you.
  18. Yes, that was an image of Rosebud on vanilla - so definitely no DF installed. I just used it as an example of what I was trying to do. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the other info though! I'll just go back to Navezgane - not a fan of the tossed salad maps unfortunately.
  19. I tried using the "Rosebud" seed but it turned out all jacked up. I assume that has to do with DF Wasteland/Radiation Zones vs vanilla but I'm trying to create a map that makes sense, i.e., Snow/Forest at the top and Desert/Wasteland at the bottom like Rosebud: Anybody have experience with this? Should I look into NitroGen? Also, how do you set your initial spawn point in a particular Biome? Client not server.
  20. I'm running HDHQ 18.4b4 Lighting, Plants - Wind, Particles, and all the Biome Packs with DF and have no issues. HDHQ Textures are a nogo at this time unfortunately.
  21. Yes. 18.4 crashes with the Alpha 18.3 b3 Lighting. The Biome Packs (modlets) appear to work fine though.
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