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  1. You can try toggling texture streaming and see if it makes a difference:
  2. Cool, thank you. Been removing them manually with Pille's Prefab Editor for several iterations now. A bit tedious to say the least. Worth it though. Cheers!
  3. FYI, If you Google the keywords "sms online free" you will discover a solution to your problem. I've done this several times in situations where I want to sign up for something but remain anonymous (there's a few other steps that need to be taken in that case). For your situation this would work well. You might have to try a few different numbers before it works but it's not nearly as painful as dealing with tech support. And do not pay or give them any personal info as some of these services are a bit shady . Cheers!
  4. Bravo, bravo. Mash some potatoes, Khaine.
  5. There's basic installation instructions for manual install on the first page. Also, Khaine made this handy video a few months back: You can also use the Mod Launcher, but it's pretty buggy. Manual install is the way to go, IMHO.
  6. Lol! Yeah, I'm the exact opposite. Can't stand or get used to a controller. Check out that Razer Tartarus though, much easier than a regular keyboard and the keys are fully programmable. Cheers!
  7. Bit of advice - use a keyboard and mouse - only way to go. You ever see a professional gamer play with a controller? Personally, I use a Razer Tartarus and a mouse to play and the keyboard for mundane things. Great combo!
  8. You're not the first one to suggest this, but I think it would be way more trouble than it's worth. Too many changes to the game to keep up with. Even the "Official" wiki is ridiculously out of date. I'd rather see Khain spend his time on the mod itself (which, I gather, is already pretty much a full-time job). And you couldn't do a proper wiki without his input. Maybe once the game actually gets out of Alpha it would be plausible, but since it's already been in Alpha for over 7 years, I wouldn't hold my breath - LOL!
  9. Hey, don't be embarrassed. I've got over 1500 hours in this game and I still do stupid @%$# like that, too. LOL!
  10. Any chance we could get an incremental patch rather than having to download the whole mod every time there's a few fixes?
  11. Hey Khaine, it looks like you lowered the initial skill books from one to two on single player. I'm playing on Survivalist - so maybe it's based on difficulty level now? That would be cool, actually. I always thought that two skill books were a little much in the beginning, at least on the higher difficulty levels. Never mind. I never noticed before that you get an additional blank class paper when you open the backpack. My suggestion still stands though, maybe limit ti to one on the higher difficulty levels.
  12. LOL! Yeah, I know. In the grand scheme of things, that one is pretty low on the "Do I really give a f*ck?" meter. But, for me, it added a little bit to the game. I'm sure TFP had their reasons.
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