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  1. Thank you very much for that information:)
  2. Any leaks about when we can expect A19 stable? I know the answer is "when its done" but how many issues are on go? Friends of mine, are playing through GeForce Now (because of no power on the PC) and there are no option to play the A19 through experimental tab. So now we are not playing, and they are still paying for the GeForce Now. Any clues?
  3. Oh thats clever. Tanks for the tip!:)
  4. I have just played couple of days of A19, and I loved! Its much harder to gain resources, there is no option to find good tool or weapon stright away. I found sand in the forge, I guess its for the concrete mix but I am nothing close to that anyway. A lot of chickens and rabbits everywhere, I like that too! Its hard to find deer or wolf so far. Food is a treasure, I am buying all cans from trader and from vending machines - I love that, I can feel apocalypse now:) I am a bit confused with healing system though. After I had a too close fight with a zombie in the basement with a broken leg (of course in the horde night day) I have lost some health. I was trying to build the health with simple bandages, with painkillers, with food, with vitamins, and it looks like only passing time can help. Am I correct? If so I must admit I really like it, If it is possible to speed that up, but I just dont know how to do that - please help me then:) 7dtd - gets better and better:) I would like to have more time to play it these days...
  5. How hard and possible would be to implement one more tab in character info, where we would have all weapon (range and melee) statistic there, like: 9mm - total shots, hits, acc, kills; smg... ?
  6. Iam doing exactly the same. Funnel zombies to congo line, slow them down with barbed wire and electric fence, and shot with HR with 7,62 AP and penetrator skill through many heads at ones. Everything is running smooth and with low ammo costs as long as no demolisher appears. Then one shot from junk turret or my friend shotgun to the body, and we have great hole and terrified faces right away... [ATTACH=CONFIG]30200[/ATTACH]
  7. You dont need receipt: Tree sap is now a thing! Try left-clicking on non-dead trees with jars or bowls... After that action you will have full jars of sap. This is very usefull for firewood for me.
  8. What are minimum requirements for the mod? Two friends of mine, have issues with connecting to the serwer. They get some nullreference errors just before connecting to the game. It can be because of the 4gb ram only?
  9. Thank you. Yesterday I was playing, and I can confirm that this is working.
  10. Oh, but as I remember correctly, the "Read" button on the hotbar was not active. I wasnt able to push it. Is is possible, that I have - somehow - installed mode uncorretly? I did use mode launcher though.
  11. Yesterday i give a try of this mode, and I must admit i had more fun then with vanilla. I am also confused a bit, and cant find information to solve that out. I found a book "minibike for dumb♥♥♥♥" and book for p225 pistol, but I cant read them why? Should I unlock some specific class to perform that? When I look at perk/skill tree I was amazed, but also is it possible to maxed out everything? Do we have any xp cap here?
  12. Thank you! btw I have noticed that silver nuggets have way more value then gold nuggets, I dont have any clue why, anyone?
  13. I cant see A17.0 on beta tabs, only latest experimental. It means that when I play this latest experimental, and then A17.0 will show on tabs, and I will switch between them, my game will still work, or I will need to restart my world for the last time? *************************************** (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) for those who forgot how to opt out of experimental and get the stable build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqoMGAaoVjY ONCE YOU OPT OUT, you WILL be in a17 stable (that's it... now play the game and Happy Holidays) ***************************************
  14. Roland, is it possible to approximate date, when stable version will come out? I dont have much time for playing the game, and becouse of new versions of experimental, so far I had never been able to reach day 14. I had bike once. I would like to play longer, so I understand I should wait for stable version, I am just curious if this is matter of days, weeks, months?
  15. Diamond tools or weapons should have way more durability, but I am sure mods will take care of that kind of content.
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