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  1. This one is easy - reduce the Shadow Distance
  2. yeah, it's time to open the a20 thread:
  3. Don't worry, a 2060 6gb is more than enough for 1080p, with the right settings you should get relatively stable 60fps with full textures. I also own one. First of all, reduce the shadow distance to medium. Far may not be a problem on daylight - but will tank your fps on sunset and/or sunrise. Make sure, dynamic resolution is off. Some people suffer from a bug in A18/19.1 where they have to reapply either texture filter or terrain quality on every start of the game (including me). This is what I had to do once every gaming session: - Change
  4. 2 hours ago I downloaded both, the nitrogen version and the modlet and I noticed some prefab.xml s differ in the packs: RotationToFaceNorth: - xcostum_powerplant(byKam) - xcostum_ShoppingCenter_Galleria(by_Laz_Man) - xcostum_strange_cornfield(by_magoli) TotalVertices + TotalTriangles: - xcostum_Courthouse(by_Stallionsden) 😉 xcostum_Courthouse(by_Stallionsden).xml.html
  5. I just want to say thanks to @faatal for the terrain shader improvements in 19.2 (and all the other optimizations) 🍺 Did a quick test only - but looks like I'm now able to play with Texture Filter on Ultra+ @60fps in Snow biome - wow, thanks 😃 -- this was worth the Knuckle Rub
  6. If I'm not counting wrong, b3 is done already - the question is, if it will pass the tests for an exp release or not. We will see tomorrow if they'll make another build, maybe...
  7. ok, so let me guess - is 19.2b3 ready for release today/ tonight? 😁
  8. Your screenshot shows "zombieHoly01MUMPFY" - it is not as fresh as you claim it to be. Edit: haha, someone was faster
  9. But you're still playing on an old savegame which had modded zombies before. And there are still modded sleepers waking up... Deleting your mods is just not enough. At a minimum you have to create a new savegame to get rid of these left over modded zombies. If that is a new game install, I would do that too:
  10. I had it in in pure vanilla when A19 exp came out (never before) on the pregen0x maps. But since there was this update which reduces memory usage (B169 or so?) it's gone again for me.
  11. This may be a Compopack error. If your world was generated using an older version of Compopack it won't help to start a new save game. Sounds like you'll need Hotfix 02 (read the red text at beginning): Generate a new world with latest Compopack may help here
  12. I'm only playing single player, so I'm not using EasyAntiCheat (always off in launcher) - but I checked mine right now just for the interest... My EasyAntiCheat is looking exactly as csense one, there is only "Game 17" available in the dropdown and also no FAQ link. Version (29.06.2020) Since 7 days seams to be my only game which is using EasyAntiCheat - "Game 17" has to be 7 days
  13. q123

    No Trader?

    no, not only the save file - also wipe out your old maps and generate a new one with A19 stable Best is to follow the steps in the red banner above - and don't forget to delete your mods folder (if there are still a18 mods in).
  14. I remember I got these too - but I haven't seen it within the last days (since b177? dont know...). I right now checked my logs from yesterday back until 2020-08-05 - there is no warning "Path node otherHeight" in
  15. True - especially the good foods needs a really strong person for carry, see: https://www.google.com/search?q=oktoberfest+bedienung+bier+rekord&tbm=isch&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiSsbn__JDrAhWPtKQKHY-EACgQrNwCKAB6BQgBENoB&biw=1654&bih=936 🍻
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