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  1. I wouldn't have any problem with that if it was clear that you can get the whole thing, but you are not guaranteed to.


    I don't know. Maybe it was done to motivate you to do quests for different traders and assemble your vehicle that way, but considering that being mobile is quite important in this game, I still find that investing points and doing it yourself is a more viable way to do it.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Darklegend222 said:

    What if I enjoy using melee over guns? Eff me I guess.


    No one's forcing you to eat the best foods or eat candy. The candy of which you specify has a purpose which is to allow easy access off a tier 5 poi like Dishong or Higashi, or the broken down construction site. The others are purely just buffs that don't break the game and just help a little bit. I've never had Eye Kandy force end-game loot, it just helps you along and brings better luck.


    Never said anything about you fornicating with yourself, just gave you an alternative to melee. But, if you love melee that much to use it even when there are more advisable alternatives, then yes, this food situation is more preferable to you.


    Also, never said anyone was forcing me to eat anything, be it foods or candy, just was pointing out flaws and ridiculousness of some of the mechanics from my viewpoint.


    The way I play it, I have no need for quality food because there's better way to spend my points (I have no need for that "big" stamina/health quickie boost). Also, don't use candy, but that's only because it's immersion breaking for me.

  3. If forced to run, or fight melee in any but most favorable of situations I'm a dead duck.


    Fired a gun for work certification and I did well, but those paper targets weren't coming to rip me limb from limb, so there's that.


    Can cook, but know @%$# about wild plants or farming, so I'd be forced to sustain myself with meat or canned goods.


    Fairly intelligent and I think I could learn stuff quickly if I had a source from where to learn, or if logic applies to said skill learning. Some trial and error would be necessary though.


    Never built anything, so I'd need a prefab shelter to set myself up. Most likely would search the surrounding area of my town for a cave or something sturdy (with one obvious entrance and an oh @%$# chute) that's easy to fortify and defend.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Darklegend222 said:

    It is absolutely crucial to have the best foods in the game for higher difficulties. At some point your steel sledgehammer is just a stamina drain. Having that extra stamina buff in a place like Dishong Tower or any tier IV to V POI is very crucial if you don't want to throw a block in front of every single door.


    Plus you eat so much less. We have a dedicated farmer and a dedicated cook/miner, it goes very well. We've never once ran out of food, meat, or animal fat. It's only useless if you look at it from a perspective of how others play.


    I personally don't invest points into master chef unless I'm absolutely tired of looting, and I haven't found food related schematics. Go from eating 10-15 grilled meat a day to 1-2 meat stew a day, it's really game changing. Eat less, gain more health, get a max stamina buff, and not have to worry about hunger for days at a time, and not needing to cook everyday? Count me in!


    Or you blow them away with shotguns and/or other firearms... it's not like ammo is scarce 😁


    As for bonuses you get, I still feel that they are far too short to be of any kind of use... except in niche cases.


    Food (quality one) should be a slow burning buff to your character that builds up over time and not this candy like crap. Also, candies are ridiculous to me, but that's another story... eat a candy and yeet yourself off a building not to be collected at the bottom with a mop and a bucket?



  5. Been pleading the food case since A17, but to no avail, because food had so much impact with the wellness system and now it's almost meaningless with its fleeting bonuses 😔


    When I watch people play 99% of them don't even bother investing points into cooking or farming. I mean, why would they? Waste points and effort on making a farm and learn cooking for some temporary buffs, or invest those points more wisely and live off of boiled/grilled meat? It's really a no brainer unless you're role-playing.



  6. My hotbar is usually set up like this:


    1. Pickaxe
    2. Axe
    3. Club (might get replaced by the machete if I feel secure about its damage output and then 10 gets a healing item)
    4. Bow (gets replaced by a silenced version of a firearm when I feel adequately supplied with ammo and then I may solidify shotgun at 5)
    5. Pistol/Shotgun
    6. Assault rifle
    7. Frames/healing item (depending on danger perceived)
    8. Wrench/Ratchet/Impact driver
    9. Shovel
    10. Knife/machete
  7. Yeah, they are kinda slow to figure out things sometimes. I mean, I'd be cleaning zombie brains off my club and watching it squirm underfoot and hear it say something about imminent danger... "Yeah dronie, I think I got it." 😒

  8. The seed thing is a bit borked at the moment, I agree, but saying: "One corn cob (or most of the crops in the game, 'cause mushrooms spread, potatoes sprout more potatoes etc.) would make enough seed to plant a whole field, therefore it should be so." would make the game too easy in the food department and remove yet another survival aspect from the table. There has to be some grind (and maybe role-play) involved to keep the players from just blowing through the content guns blazing.


    Having said that, removing the wellness was a mistake because it was a natural, dare I say immersive, way to motivate the players to invest time into farming and cooking and have that health/stamina increase (instead of these temporary buffs that I don't like very much). Also, eating a piece of candy to not break a lockpick, or jump off a building and not get splattered into a bloody pulp is not the way to go in my opinion, but hey, I'm just one guy 🙂


    Yes, this is a zombie game and zombies aren't real, but I don't see that as a reason to remove every semblance of realism from the game. Realism fosters immersiveness and immersiveness fosters better roleplay and gameplay in my opinion.


    So, if you ask me... yes, farming should be grindy, but also more rewarding through quality food that would bring lasting benefits instead of these quickie buffs.

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  9. Absolutely loving the update. Cities look so good compared to previous alphas that it's not even comparable. Had more than my fair share of girly screams and jumpscares... 4-5 muppets fell on my head when I tried to loot the police station and a lumberjack busted out of some cardboard boxes and knocked the snot out of me. Who packages and tries to ship a lumberjack anyway!?


    Had bad luck finding a pipe weapon, but I built myself a T3 pipe shotgun and modded it with a choke. Am I seeing things, or can you disassemble 3 zeds in a conga line with it?


    Also, if you like a challenge use Khaine's wandering horde buff and randomizer in conjunction with feral sense. Oh boy will you get surprised sometimes 😁

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  10. Like you said, to each his own, but I love the new pipe weapons and their madmaxian style look. Yes, they look a bit rugged and clunky, but that's exactly what I'd expect from something I made from a couple of pipes and a tub of glue 😄 Not to mention that they're quite usable, but not OP for the first period of the game. Chef's kiss for the worthy blunderbuss replacements.


    Haven't tried the drone yet, so I don't really have an opinion on it, but watching Jawoodle play with it, I could see it becoming a hindrance with its propensity to wander into your sights in quite inopportune moments.

  11. Also played for a few hours, clean game, clean install, haven't had any issues yet. Do you have any hardware issues? Overheating maybe? Maybe something started running in the background (my AV sometimes gets stupid and just runs some crap)?

  12. I'd LOVE if they gave the survival part some more love instead of simplifying it.


    One of my go to things has always been the food aspect and I often wandered would there be a chance to make it ingredient based instead of fixed recipes. I think that I even mentioned this once before, but what I'd like to see, for example, is that if you have 3 pieces of meat, one potato and a shroom, you can chuck them into a pot of water and get a certain amount of nourishment and water... kinda like make your own recipe thing 🙂



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