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  1. Like you said, to each his own, but I love the new pipe weapons and their madmaxian style look. Yes, they look a bit rugged and clunky, but that's exactly what I'd expect from something I made from a couple of pipes and a tub of glue 😄 Not to mention that they're quite usable, but not OP for the first period of the game. Chef's kiss for the worthy blunderbuss replacements. Haven't tried the drone yet, so I don't really have an opinion on it, but watching Jawoodle play with it, I could see it becoming a hindrance with its propensity to wander into your sights in quite inopportune moments.
  2. eXSe

    A20 Locks up

    Also played for a few hours, clean game, clean install, haven't had any issues yet. Do you have any hardware issues? Overheating maybe? Maybe something started running in the background (my AV sometimes gets stupid and just runs some crap)?
  3. And THANK you so very much for spreading the wandering horde love outside DF... as well as all the other goodies 😄
  4. I don't think that they've messed with that 'cause it's a feature now, not a bug 🙂 The idea behind it is, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, that you'll never be able to craft something top quality with your bloated sausage fingers that someone else has precisely machine tooled 😋
  5. I'd LOVE if they gave the survival part some more love instead of simplifying it. One of my go to things has always been the food aspect and I often wandered would there be a chance to make it ingredient based instead of fixed recipes. I think that I even mentioned this once before, but what I'd like to see, for example, is that if you have 3 pieces of meat, one potato and a shroom, you can chuck them into a pot of water and get a certain amount of nourishment and water... kinda like make your own recipe thing 🙂
  6. It wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's something that I'd leave for finishing touches and let them polish out the bigger stuff first.
  7. *Does math in his head* Damn. If you release it at 3 PM CST, that's 10 PM my time... well, I'll just have to stock up on blackstrap and megacrush 🙂
  8. I wouldn't mind exploring my "neck of the woods". Old style huge socialist apartment buildings and big supermarkets with a few specialized stores scattered about... I'd be set for everything... for life 😁 Would have to claw my way through concrete to get some dirt though 🤔
  9. I can't get the image out of my head of a guy just walking casually with a spear in him 😁
  10. Maybe some mod conflict, or just a funky glitch I have yet to encounter. I'd just restart the game and take it from there... if that fails and you're just married to this world, you can always install "traders always open" modlet and try to fix it that way.
  11. So, you actually want them to stop working on this game just so it's not called alpha any more? I wouldn't mind playing alpha 69 if I'm alive then 😁
  12. I feel for us, wanting the horde part of the game, but I also feel for the devs and their reasons for doing what they do, so I'm just grateful that it can be modified to our liking with bigger wandering hordes and wilderness spawns (currently playing the Romero mod and having fun with it). Having said that, I would appreciate the option in game for those settings and not having to rely on third party solutions. Just because that way it would be easier and more accessible to more people.
  13. Chonky ones view inclines of any sort as their biggest enemy.
  14. I love solar power because I'm lazy and want to set it up and never think about power again. Therefore, one of my pet peeves is that they are sooooo late game and not craftable 😢 Please let us craft them again.
  15. Yeah, I'd like to see the air force base too. Not just for the sweet loot that could be there, but I also have a few choice words for that airdrop pilot.
  16. Well, thanks for that, you got him a subscriber. I was lacking some good 7D2D content
  17. Hlokomela Bohale ba Roland.
  18. I agree with OP and I'd love if there were wandering horde settings. Just so you can fiddle with them to your liking. Lately I've been enjoying this modlet for DF mod that eliminates BM horde but it randomizes wandering hordes and can throw them at you any time... and in force 😁
  19. I took your advice Khaine, installed DF and it works just fine. Thanks I just wanted to ask you about that "anytime anywhere", is it just a modlet type of thing (chuck it in the mods folder and be done with it), or is there some other way of making it work? Thanks in advance.
  20. Thx for the reply BTW, could you make it work for vanilla... no rush, just sayin'
  21. Is there any way to use that Any time any where mod in vanilla? Overhaul mods kill the game for me because I have only 8 GB of RAM, and they crash quite frequently, but the vanilla still runs smooth Edit: Would it work if I just deleted the entitygroups.xml
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