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  1. Virtually no consumer wants an unfinished game to update for worse. There is a lot of belligerence in the forums for any criticism in the direction of development. Ill keep that away and probably come back in a few months. Btw Roland, if you want to resume my whole critique as a death club, name me one action or development done in favor of modders after René died. One. Because anyone can write a condolence letter. Not everyone can actually say "well this important modder died today, maybe we can improve something for the modder community". 7DTD still requires outside tools for deep modding. Its a joke.
  2. Dwarf Fortress if you're into no-graphics, infinetely-complex games. If you want the dumbed down, space edition, Rimworld. Don't Starve has its moments. But if you're just into zombie builder games, you're stuck with either this or Project Zomboid, each with its pros and cons. Not a sandbox, but Escape from Tarkov is generally getting better and better with each update (but has zero zombies, though). The gunplay alone of Escape from Tarkov makes the game incredible. Then if we branch off, there's Mordhau coming April 29th. It's not that 7 Days to Die is a bad game, its that it suffers a rare syndrome of getting worse and worse with each new update, becoming more and more a shell of its former self. How can I give any seriousness to a game where the devs can't even put a freakin' gun animation straight for three years or more? It's this and many other quirks which put 7DTD down, when it has the potential to be even better than what it currently is.
  3. Everyone has their threshold for punishment. A moment when they say "enough, im not supporting this anymore". It is a slow build-up for those that are engaged in something they used to like. Mine was a two-pronged event, first at A15, when i decided to longer mod an Alpha game that changes so much with every update, and for the worst. You know when someone tries to save a cake by adding new layers, but each new layer, as good as they taste individually just messes up the entire cake more? This is 7 Days to Die. The second was when René Kuhn, the most dedicated modder in the game, died in an accident. The developers didnt care. They couldnt. They after all need more ways to sell their game. Its okay. Ill just quit modding. But then came A17 and everyone said it was bottom-level 7DTD. I couldnt believe it so i tested it myself for a month or so. The game is now completely devoid of its original character. There are just so many problems that rotted out to this version it stank even new cool mechanics, like new vehicles. The LBD is gone, because it actually was a cool thing and we cant have cool things. With standard settings zombies destroy bases effortlessly. I cant now find parts, just whole guns. The awesome quality level system for items is gone for a meager 1-6 system, because instead of hiring a mathematician to make loot drops more interesting they instead scrapped the whole idea because they couldnt bang their heads enough. And for all gun aficcionados out there, all they got was a mod system that is alright, but makes zero sense when you need a schematic that is destroyed when you craft one. And im not even mentioning how farming is useless and they broke completely what was once the best sustaining water/food system several alphas ago. So yeah, patience has its limits. And even the most patient of people are leaving because the devs want to be Hideo Kojima and do the opposite of what their players want, but can't separate the whiners from the good advice. Way to go, pimps. You sure slap and put those wenches of yours giving you money, thats how its done.
  4. Variety is the spice of life. And I like my mods when they are very, very spicy on this particular matter. =)
  5. Well, you tell them to listen to the right people (me) then, because i'm effing tired of one variation of each gun in Nevada, the capital state of gun freedom in USA.
  6. The main problem here, Roland, is that the devs are in a constant trend, alpha after alpha, to dumb down the game and streamline it for a cut of an audience that it never meant to have in the first place. And the people who supported/backed this project from the beginning are feeling alienated by this practice. Not everyone wants to mod their game, and IMO they're not obliged to do so. Though I agree with you in that modding can be quite interesting to give new grounds to the game, the ones complaining are the ones who want the vanilla game to be more difficult by standard, and I can't say they're wrong in that.
  7. What? I have no underlying issue with your mods, they serve a purpose for the community and people like it, kudos to you. What I don't see as productive is that the entire Modding forum has the front page with 6 threads with different mods from you. Which is why I asked you to make one compilated mod thread with all of your mods, so people can go and pick whichever they want and like without you cluttering the entire forum with itsy bitsy mods. You have caused no offense whatsoever to me. What I've asked for is cleaniness in your work, because it has excellent quality, but is bringing a drawback in which other modders have less time to showcase their work. This is not a complaint solely drawn by me; other modders expressed their discontent towards your method of showing your mods. Again, to be clear, this is not a critic towards your work, and I do not have any complaints whatsoever towards it. I'm just giving you, once again, a feedback on the way you organize it and show to people. This being said, good job on your timing, and with the mods you posted so far. Keep it up.
  8. If this is part of another mod of yours, why don't you simply update it and bump it? Another thread with another mod. Might as well request a forum section just for you, Valmar.
  9. Yes, just damage on impact. You can make a buff that applies 1k damage on a % chance regardless of stamina for example and it only procs on headshots.
  10. I mean that you can mod a buff that deals damage, the same way how critical hits work today. If you make a "bleeding" buff that deals 100 damage over 0 seconds, it immediately deals 100 damage, like a critical hit does. The "critical hit" tag on buffs.xml makes the buff work like this: above 50% the percentage works as normally, below 50% it gradually reduces the chance. Removing it will keep the percentile regardless of your stamina level.
  11. I don't know if they had the limbs mapped the same way they did with heads for the limb removal system. But buffs ALREADY work that way. If you map a buff to only work on the torso, it won't work if you target the head/limbs. That's how I made armor-piercing and hollow point bullets work; AP rounds deal additional damage on headshots, hollow points on torso.
  12. The other body part bonuses do work. But the zombies are only mapped for "head" materials.
  13. This is an issue with the right-click menu. Place the sticks/fibers and the bow in the crafting grid.
  14. Razzoriel

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Step your game up, Valmie! :D:D
  15. The mod isn't loading the assets by SD2SDX, for some reason. Make sure you followed all steps.
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