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  1. Speaking of the turn on power quest .... I would love If the trader offers you a flashlght when you start the quest ^^
  2. "Mr Mole, your magnificent beard trails down your mighty chest like an twisted cave into the montains... oh speaking of caves, Mr Mole will you dig for some undergrund cavelike pois?
  3. my question would be... will this thread become a one year + thread?
  4. gimme a new Zombie survivalgame for free! Ähm I mean cant wait for A20 to hit me ^^
  5. man so much is pushed back to 21... this can mean only one thing Choochoo Hypetrain Could you remove the ears of rabbits in citys and call them rats? 😋
  6. When will Fallout 4 get the 7 days to die level love ^^
  7. what about the Flamethrowertrap?
  8. Do you remember sticks? We where all oh warpath when MM wanted to remove them... I think paint does a lot of the flavor stuff so no problem for me with simplyfication. I mean seriously, 99 % build Wood-Stone-Concrete-Steel. It´s the most effectiv way to do it in the game in a long time and if the 1 % is removed, i don´t mind it. Also the allmighty MM ( and his brother, don´t forget him! He got the awesome hair ontop of the head) takes away but also gives shiny new stuff. Mostly the remove to make space or reduce to improvement more easy. BTW water improvement? hell yeah gimme that moat
  9. If you look into PvP it would be cool if you look into pvp zones . something like a combatzone where all the drops come down but it´s pvp, no claimblocks etc. And into factions only pvp... if you join a faction, the others are the enemy...
  10. I think that you got much more ways to go in singleplayer. Do you want to build your castle, strength with some int. ist a good Idea, But starting with sneaky bows and stealth is also a good way to level and loot. Or are you the quest guy? 1. Point in daring adventurer is awesome. 1 Point in tracker and you get all the rabbits and chickens you want and so on ^^
  11. double wielding nailgun gunfu for me, nailing Zombies to walls
  12. Electric Fences stopped to work and did spark at the fence post sometime during my hordenight... is that a feature? can we get a tooltip? how long does it take to work again?
  13. can be but thats ok, because they worked on a lot of player animations, Traders and stuff that will also be on the Bandits. We are getting there, step by step...
  14. yes thats true, but they also team up against others... Thats why I think the best pvp would be Team pvp, red against blue the Duke against the other guy... stuff like that ^^
  15. you are sooo awesome... try this with a knife max speed ^^
  16. It sucks that you pick up the seed all the time while you harvest the field. A gardening tool that would deal 0 Damage to seeds would be perfect. Perhaps make the knife the harvesting tool?
  17. The new arm looks awesome at the start... too bad you don´t see it again. Perhaps a wrist watch would be good to show that hairy arms off ^^
  18. I was 1 km or so away... so i don´t think GS stacked.
  19. I joined a friend on day 10 and found a lev 2 Ak in a main loot... on my first day. couold that happen on day 1?
  20. man i wish I had a mini robotic sledge to aim at my F5 key ^^
  21. can we get a beauty contest poll for the new Zombies?
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