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  1. Just wait 2 ... 4 minutes when load screen ( Loading blocks...). Then appear screen of the mod.
  2. Can dwallorde fix link discord on the first page?
  3. I copy your text (War of the Walkers mod) and discord search don't find it. Find use word ''war'' and don't find this mod in the list servers.
  4. What is the server discord called ? Link on the first page this topic is not clickable.
  5. Yes, there is ''HP 9mm Ammo'' from vanilla that use 'Bullet Tip'. This ammo can load SMG-5 and Pistol. Besides in this mod there is '' 9mm Hollow Point Bullet'' that use 'Hollow Point Bullet Tip'. This ammo can not load SMG-5 and Pistol. And what kind of weapon is it intended for?
  6. Hi all! Have a question about '' 9mm Hollow Point Bullet''. What kind of weapon is it intended for? The description says that for pistol gun. But SMG-5 and Pistol can't use this ammo.
  7. konik


    I dug hundreds of blocks in the horizontal plane, dozens of blocks up and down in the wasteland and found only a significant amount of iron ore deposit. It seems that there is only iron ore deposit in version 1.7.3 Damaged items such as wood bar, iron bar, solar bank cannot be repaired.Some wood spikes can be repaired after damage, and some wood spikes cannot be repaired. Despite the previously described bugs this mod gave a new feel compared to the vanilla version of the game.
  8. konik


    And one more thing. In winter biome in some place have crash game after blow to the plant.
  9. konik


    2. When I craft second workbench then copied some tools like Pen set and Pencil. 3. I find many engines when disassembled car. They have different sale price and accordingly different power. But pictures all engines are same color. At the same time batteries have different colors. 4. On the work stations like worktable, workbench, cement mixer produced materials are differences values than they have in stack. For examlpe, Sawed wood have in stack value 500. In worktable produced in stack value 496.... But it's not critically.
  10. konik


    Hi, Haidrgna ! I want to show some moments of the game. Version latest at this time. 1. When connect wire tool to electrical device ( for example, generator bank) then FPS fall down with values 2...8 units Before connecting and after connecting:
  11. konik


    I will say again about the forged steel. Now it's unlocked. But for crafting it is necessary besides such things as Ferrostone (or Iron ore) and Lime Powder also Coal (chemical). Chaircoal (chemical) I found near building Mining coal ( and underground yet). But I can't craft Coal (chemical). Similar to craft 1 block Concretemix-iron rebar to make 1 block Hardcretemix-steel rebar I need 64 Forged steel ( 1 block = 16 buckets=64 steel rebar=64 forged steel). Coal(chemical) only be bought from a traider or loot ? The amount Coal (chemical) that I find is enough for just a couple of block Hardcretemix-steel rebar.
  12. konik


    Version 0.7.3 (written below the window). Forged steel are locking.
  13. konik


    Hi! The crucible can already be done. But craft the forged steel is locked. How to open craft forged steel is not written in the description. Skill Intellect - 10 level, perk Advanced Engineering - 5 level. The crucible is installed in the tools of the Blast Furnace. Resources needed for crafting the forged steel are available. P.S. Can all ores deposite be found in every biome? Or just one type of ore deposite in each biome?
  14. konik


    I took all ingridients for the craft crucible at the Blast Furnace. But crucible don't craft. In the description crucible does not say what tool is required. May be a crucible is needed to create a crucible? )
  15. konik

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I wish get well Jax.
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