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  1. I want to compile a list of server side mods for my community. Anyone have any the can recommend? QOL xml or just like to use? Thanks!
  2. I am getting some prehab errors and EAC needs to be turned off. I dont have prehabs or anything selected.
  3. I inserted the prefabs in the data/prefabs. They are not loading. Is there something I am missing?
  4. fixed: Noob error turn off eac
  5. Problems Loading Undead Legacy Big BackPack I have my own dedicated server at home. I am using the Mod Launcher to launch my undead legacy mod to get into the game. When I do this all it shows is the cursor and a black screen when the game starts. So I tried to replicate this on my other computer and it does the same. Second Try: I try and load it with the standard backpack and the game loads, but I see the Big Backpack in my UI, but it doesn't let me initially put in things in that extra space until I move something. Then on reload I lose a bunch of items. Is this my client issue o
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