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  1. Since the Picture-In-Picture optics mod is no longer being updated, i was left with the vanilla scopes, which honestly feel awful. The 2x and 4x feel okay, but the 8x especially feels just laggy and clunky when zooming in all the way for those long distance shots, headshots in particular. I likes the vanilla PIP optics replacer because it had realistic-like picture in picture aiming mechanics and they just felt way more dyamic at getting headshots from long distance without spending more than five seconds trying to aim for Z's heads. If any of you know of any alternative, please let me know.
  2. Got a file for the fix that you can share?
  3. You can do it more efficiently by modifying the attachments models within unity, copy those values, and paste em into the xml file. Atleast that's how i see it would work more efficiently
  4. The mod would require a complete rebuild, since the gun mechanics changed radically in A19. I really think it will be a while till the mod gets an update.
  5. Pretty much, yeah. it lets the abillity to see your surroundings better when in intense combat, and just feels more realistic overall. thankfully i found a mod after a bit of digging on the modding thread, so that should work for the time being, hopefully they decide to overhaul it. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...ptics-replacer
  6. I've been looking for such a mod for ages, thank you so much.
  7. yeah, it indeed happens to me as well.
  8. Any chance we could get a scope overhaul, so they use the cam mechanic instead of them zooming in on the whole screen?
  9. For the latest build (b208) the numbers for food, water, health and stam do not show inside the bars. May be a bug for me, i dunno.
  10. Is it possible to have this mod, but without the modified UI?
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