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  1. I dont run the latest version, but they do not deal any block damage as far as i noticed, it still kills me if i'm closer than 4 meters when it goes boom though. i just assume the block damage property is set to very low or it's non existent, so you may wanna just turn that up a bit if you wish. under the mod config folder, you'll find the entityclasses.xml, open that, and search for demolisher, then look into the code for the following property: <property name="Explosion.BlockDamage" value="0"/> set that value anything above 0, let's say.. <property name="Explosion.BlockDamage" value="250"/> so that will be enough to break any wood blocks or block with durabillity under 250 in a 1 meter radius. same goes for radius, can be increased as much as you want.
  2. So i recently saw the entire Rambo series, and something sparked in me about some of the weaponry/artillery used in the movies. More specifically the 2008 movie, with the 50 cal Browning Aircraft gun that was on the back of that truck. I honestly wonder if such a thing would be possible to replicate with the help of a mod or something. Clearly the route of making that gun one that you can carry around just like the M60 which is very unrealistic (who needs realism anyway ) is completly out of the question. So i was thinking more of the route where you make it a player-controled turret. By that, i mean similar to the junk turrets, but bigger, and the trigger is controlled by your hand. Can also can be picked up, placed somewhere else just like you can press-hold R to pick up your cars or w/e. Any suggestions?
  3. Pretty much, yeah. it lets the abillity to see your surroundings better when in intense combat, and just feels more realistic overall. thankfully i found a mod after a bit of digging on the modding thread, so that should work for the time being, hopefully they decide to overhaul it. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...ptics-replacer
  4. I've been looking for such a mod for ages, thank you so much.
  5. yeah, it indeed happens to me as well.
  6. Any chance we could get a scope overhaul, so they use the cam mechanic instead of them zooming in on the whole screen?
  7. A18? all those new gun mods, I NEED IT
  8. So, i was just thinking, the way you can modify lights inside the prefab editor, the way it lights up, the light mode, color, pulse, ect. would it be possible to get that editor in survival, to be able to edit your own lights that you place down? By that i mean like, when you hold E, besides that power toggle there is another option under that is the editor itself, and it lets you go in, and modify every aspect of that light. Let me know what you think.
  9. May i have your loader model files? ^^
  10. As as suggestion for the new alpha, i would like to see new decor blocks/items like scarecrows in the farmhouses on navezgane or RWG, and maybe also an option for windowed full screen in video settings, it's kinda annoying when you have more than one screen, and every time you switch to a different tab your game shrinks in the taskbar.
  11. For the latest build (b208) the numbers for food, water, health and stam do not show inside the bars. May be a bug for me, i dunno.
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