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  1. I found a fishing trap in a random trash pile. When I clicked on it in my inventory, the console immediately spammed a divide by zero error message repeatedly for around a minute without stopping. I noticed that the icon for the fishing trap did not show a number. I clicked on a different item in the inventory which was selected and displayed correctly, then clicked on the fishing trap again and it resulted in the same divide by zero error message loop. I exited out of 7 Days back to the desktop and then restarted it, reloaded the game world, and tried again to receive the same error loop
  2. Reporting an issue with the Fishing Trap for the Alpha 19 version which is resulting in a Divide by Zero error if the fishing trap is selected while in the Inventory window: In items.xml, under the fishTrapItem, the line which reads: <property value="0" name="EconomicBundleSize"/> Needs to be changed to: <property value="1" name="EconomicBundleSize"/>
  3. Okay, thank you for letting me know and for all of the work that you've put into this.
  4. Running Alpha 19. I've been getting a duplicate loot list id 144 error when just running the White River mods. It looks like Jason's Machete is using it; I didn't see another one of the modlets using it, but 144 is specifically identified in the base loot.xml, so maybe that's why it's calling it a duplicate. Also, when I crafted the Declaration of Citizenship, the trader it sent me to was 2.5 km away when I know for a fact there were at least two traders closer to me. I also created the writ for the Bambi Bow and it sent me to that same trader. Is it sending me to one specific
  5. You actually don't need to use a console command to check the gamestage; just press the i button on your keyboard and it should pull up player level/gamestage/player deaths/zombie kill stats, plus a few others. I end up pulling this screen up frequently when I come back from a different game since most of them have i as an option to pull up inventory.
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